Tolo-Drepano-Plaka-Ancient Asini-Tolo

Tolo-Drepano-Plaka-Ancient Asini-Tolo

Starting  point: Tolo

Distance : 9 km

Level: Medium trektrek

Ways of crossing: On foot & by bicycle

Main sights: Orange fields, ancient mill, ancient acropolis of Asini, walking across the coast.

• The route starts from Tolo passing briefly on the main road and continues through the orange fields of the area. During the route you will see an old abandoned, traditional, stone mill. After that we pass through the center of Drepano village and we continue walking along the coast of Plaka Beach. Walking across the coast we can admire beautiful view of the mountains, Tolo & the ancient Assini’s acropolis . When we reach the Acropolis you can walk a little bit uphill in a dirt path and reach the top of the citadel where you can admire the panoramic view & feel the great history of this place.

Tolo-Drepano-Plaka-Ancient Asini 8km

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DSCF6723 DSCF6758

DSCF5619 DSCF5656

DSCF6666 DSCF6674

DSCF6686 DSCF6764


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