Tolo- Metamorfosi Sotiros- Agia Moni – Tolo

Tolo- Metamorfosi Sotiros- Agia Moni – Tolo


Starting  point: Tolo

Distance : 18 km

Level: Medium trektrek

Ways of crossing : On foot & by Bicycle

Main sights: Panoramic view of Argolis gulf, monasteries with historical & archeological interest, orange fields & vineyard.

The route starts  from the circular road of Tolo ,the trail begins a smooth descend passing the last houses on the hill of Tolo, continues with the trail which climbs the mountain side towards to picturesque church of Sent George  which offers a remarkable view (nice place to take a break to enjoy the view with your snack) , heading downhill to the Monastery of Metamorfosis Sotiras  which dates back to 14th century AD and next to the monastery you can find the ruins of the Tower of the season.
Continuing to rural trail (half dirt road, half asphalt) through the orange trees and vineyards in goes down in this narrow valley &ends at the monastery of Agia Moni which is famous local monastery of 12ai of the Middle Byzantine period, ancient spring,  goldfishes, remarkable mosaics with frescoes  & panoramic view of Palamidi’s casstle & Nafplio

Returned by the same road with a small detour to Tolo.


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DSCF5565 DSCF5567

DSCF5570 DSCF5572

DSCF5577 DSCF5579

DSCF5588 DSCF5595

DSCF1363 DSCF5597

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