Nafplio-Arvanitia-Karathona-light house-Nafplio

Nafplio-Arvanitia-Karathona-light house-Nafplio

Starting  point: Nafplio

Distance : 13 km

Level: Easy  trek

Ways of crossing: On foot & by bicycle

Main sights: Acropolis of Αcronafplia , walking across the coast, wonderful sea view & of surrounding mountains

The route starts from the lighthouse of the picturesque harbor of Nafplio.

We take the paved Arvanitia’s path along the beach, passing beneath the bastion of the ‘Five Brothers’ which located at the end of Nafplio.It is the only bastion that has saved and in one version was built the 15th century by the Venetians. Another version says that it was built during the Ottoman occupation. It was used to protect the western part of the city with the castle of Mpourtzi. This name was taken from the  five cannons which are still there. Continue on, in our right side we can see the sea and in the left side the Acronafplia. The Akronafplia was the  Acropolis of Nafplion and the oldest of all the castles of the city. The Turks called Itch-Kale, which means inner fortress. It is a long, narrow rocky peninsula with 85m. height, 400m width and 900m. length and enters into the Gulf of Argolis. Continue on our path we pass from the church called Panagitsa, which was the secret school that operated during the Ottoman occupation. We arrive in Arvanitia beach and from there starts 2.5km dirty path to  Karathona beach .On the left side we can see the foothills of Palamidi castle and on the right side the view of the sea and of the highest mountains of the Peloponnese. Mountain Artemision 1771m high, which is natural boundary in two prefectures Argolida, Arkadia, and the mountain Parnonas which is also a natural boundary in two prefectures Arcadia & Laconia, with an altitude 1940 meters.

After 2.5km the dirty path ends and we arrive at the sandy Karathona beach. We walk another 2.5 km across the beach under the shadows of the eucalyptus trees and we reach in a picturesque church with benches and roof. It is very suitable place to rest & to have lunch break with the sea view.

The path continues in a dirty 300m road and arrives in a light house which is the end of our route with a wonderful sea view.

The way back is from the same path.

Ναύπλιο-Καραθώνα-Ναύπλιο 12χμ

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DSCF6851 DSCF6858

DSCF6866 DSCF6907

DSCF6910 DSCF6882

DSCF6889 DSCF6894

DSCF6903 DSCF6905

DSCF6907 DSCF6912


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