Argos-Kefalari-Pyramid of Elliniko village-Argos

Argos-Kefalari-Pyramid of Elliniko village-Argos

Starting point: Argos

Level: Mediumtrek trek

Distance: 14 km

Hot spots: Ancient market & theatre of Argos, orange fields, vineyard, cave & spring of Kefalari village,Kefalari’s local folk art museum,vineyard, panoramic view of Argolis gulf, the pyramid of Elliniko

Ways of crossing : On foot & by bicycle

The route starts from the archaeological sites located in the south end of the city of Argos. We pass in front of the archaeological sites of the theater and the ancient market of Argos through the ring road that leads to the modern stadium and to the last houses of the town. The route continues  to Kefalari through provincial roads,  side stream of the water channel through the tastiest orange groves in Greece.
Arriving at the Kefalari village which is an ideal place to have a break we meet the underground river source of Erassinos  and just above it we can see the archaeological cave and the old hulls of the river.
At the entrance of the cave the church of the Zoodohos pigi (spring) has been built on the rocks  The elaborately landscaped temple combined with the it’s surroundings offers a beautiful panoramic view of Kefalari.
We have also the opportunity to visit the local folk art museum of Kefalari.It is very interesting to learn through the old objects the folk culture of the region.
The walk comes to the end after following an uphill 2km dirt path which leads to one of the most impressive archaeological sites of Argolis, the pyramid of Elliniko. The latest datings,  place it, around 3000 B.C

This tour it is very interesting because it combines major antiquities, countryside and local culture.


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