Traditional local festival-Assini 06/08 &15/08

Assini got its name from the Ancient Assini. The Acropolis of Ancient Assini was first occupied in the fifth millennium BC. The first excavations of the Acropolis and Lower town were made ​​by the Swedish Archaeological Expedition (1922-1930) and continued in the 1970s by the department of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities and the Swedish Institute of Athens. Many of the findings from the excavations of Assini were moved to Sweden, mostly from the excavations of 1920, while others are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Nafplion.

Assini, the “traditional lord village” (as the inhabitants used to call it), is only 8km away from Nafplio and counts around 1,280 residents. It is situated at the foot of a high mountain shaped like an egg and on it’s top stands the chapel of Prophet Elias. Very often the chapel is illuminated in the evenings, offering thus a fantastic sight.

Every year, the visitors can enjoy the nature, the alternative routes, the religious monuments and the local culture in combination with the following local festivals:

21th of May : Saint Konstadinos & Helen

20th of July : Prophet Ilias

26th of July : Saint Paraskevi

06th of August : Metamorfosi Sotiras

15th of August :Mother of God (Panagia)

26th of October: Saint Dimitrius

Nearby activities:

We can combine  this festival with pleasure & activities : cycling or walking. We  can walk or cycle to the village & it’s festival and visit the nearby famous monastery. We can also climb up to the hill of profitis ilias to see the  phenomenal panoramic view.

**More details for the routes around to the village see ”culture & activities”

assini4 DSCF5705


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