Asini-Pirgiotika-Agios Antonios-Kadia-Vivari-Asini

** Asini-Pirgiotika-Agios Antonios-Kadia-Vivari-Asini

Starting  point: Asini

Distance : About 30 km

Level: Medium  bike bike

Main sights: Panoramic view of argolic gulf & it’s surroundings, cycle through orange fields & provincial roads, a lot of swings into view between mountain & sea,old mill.

The route starts from Assini, we pass through the Assini’s orange fields and we can see an old mill. After  2 km we will pass Drepano village and then we follow a little bit the main road to Nafplio. Continue on, we turn on the right, following the uphill surfaced road  through the orange fields .Continue on an uphill provincial road after approximately 2km we meet a dirt path which we follow it.Looking behind us we can admire the amazing view of the nearby villages,the sea,the surrounding mountains. Our dirt path passes across to the foothills of mound which we have on our right side & on the left side we can see olive fields & others crops.Also we will find a small local farm with goats.After approximately 3 km we reach the provincial road through one small village called Sent Antony (Agios Antonios) which it lead us to Kadia village.One the way we can see impossing cliffs of limestone and in the backround of the road we see the sea.When we arrive to Kadia (after 8km) we follow the main road which is an uphill asphalt road which it lead us to the picturesque fish village called Vivari.Continue on we we arrive to Drepano & before we get the Assini we can make a detour through plaka beach cycling across the beach with fantastic view,passing from the Assini’s Acropolis & its secret  mycenaean tombs.

asini pyrgiotika kantia vivari asini 30km

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15633042 DSCF5640

IMG_1017 IMG_1020

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