Drepano-Marathia-mound of Vivari village-Drepano

** Drepano-Marathia-mound of Vivari village-Drepano

Starting  point: Drepano

Distance : About 16 km

Level: Easy  bike

Main sights: Panoramic view of argolic gulf & it’s surroundings,vivari’s lake, traditional villages

The tour starts from the center of village Drepano we follow the main road with the direction to Vivari & after 200m we turn right to provincial road through orange fields.We start cycle in an uphill asphalt road we can meet local farm & nice view while we mount.When we reach to the top of mound Vivari after about 1km with a lot of turns in an uphill dirt road we can admire the amazing view of argolic gulf & it’s surroundings at an altitude of 200m.Continiue on, the path starts to downhill with a lot of turns we reach the main road which will lead us to Drepano with a small detour from the lake of the picturesque village Vivari.


DSCF5428 DSCF5436

DSCF5438 DSCF5429


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