Traditional Local Festival of Sent Andrianos-25/08-Drepano village-

Drepanon is a beautiful traditional village just 9 km from the center of Nafplio, which combines the lush greenery of mandarins with the blue beach of Plaka. This traditional village is built on the back of the small hill Mill (Agios Nikolaos) overlooking the open sea.The feature of this village is that most homes have been built on rocky ground and very close to each other. The narrow and steep streets of  Drepano reminiscent island.

On August 25, the eve of the feast of the patron Saints Adrian and Natalia organized ​​the biggest festival in the prefecture of Argolis with thousands of visitors.

On the occasion to this festival we can combine the following bicycle tour:

** Drepano-Marathia-mound of Vivari village

* For more details of the routes see ‘culture & activities’

drepano DSCF5633



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