Islet Psili-Argolic gulf

Starting point: Iria village

Level: Medium trektrek

Distance: About 5km

Hot spots: Walking in such isolated place,the different view from island to land,amazing view from the top of mound,isolated beach with clear turquoise waters for swimming, ruins of ancient tower

Ways of crossing : By boat crossing the sea

Psili islet which is means (high) is rocky uninhabited island of the Saronic Gulf. Located south of the Argolid Gulf, opposite Iria. Its area is 2.1 km ².
Our experience starts from the port of Iria village. We have arrange our transport opposite to the islet with the local’s fishboat.It will take us half an hour to reach the isolated islet.
When we get there we see an abandoned army outpost.There is an obvious path which starts behind the army outpost. This path has opened from local hunters because the area has a lot of rubbits & partridges.Τhe dence vegetation reminds you a jungle. Wild oaks,carob trees,thorns make the path in some spots gnarled. We need to be careful cause in some spots, the signs which have put the hunters don’t exist & it is easy to get lost.
While we walk uphil  the view behind us is breathtaking.You can see the island Spetses,the city Portoxeli, the land opposite with the surrounding mountains. When you get to the peak at the altitude 240m, you can see ancient ruins of a towel. Unfortunately there aren’t much information for those ruins.
When we return back from the same path we can enjoy swimming to the clear turquoise waters! Returning to Iria village we can have a tasty menu with fresh fishes, local tasty recipes in a traditional tavern.

psili1 psili2

DSCF9623 DSCF9629

DSCF9632 DSCF9635

DSCF9643 DSCF9651

DSCF9656 DSCF9658

DSCF9661 DSCF9659

DSCF9664 DSCF9665

DSCF9666 DSCF9667

DSCF9670 DSCF9671

DSCF9683 DSCF9685

DSCF9686 DSCF9720

DSCF9688 DSCF9690

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