Velanidia village-Cape of Maleas-Perfecture of Lakonia

Starting point: Velanidia village
Level: Medium trektrek

Distance: About 16 km

Hot spots: Traditional village, walking on a sea path which is the second most southerly point of mainland Greece,majestic sea view.

Brief discription

Our walking tour starts from the small village Velanidia which located near to the tip of the peninsula of Malea, on the eastern side of Mount Krithina and looks at the Myrtoo pelagos & it is tucked in a gorge on the slopes of Mt. Krithina.

The cape of Maleas is a peninsula and cape in the southeast of the Peloponnese in Greece & it is located to the perfecture of Lakonia. To distinguish it from the cape, the peninsula is sometimes referred to as “Epidavros Limira” peninsula, after the most prominent ancient city located on it. It separates the Laconian Gulf in the west from the Aegean Sea in the east. It is the second most southerly point of mainland Greece (after Cape Matapan) and once featured one of the largest light-houses in the Mediterranean.

Walking downhill to dirt road will lead us close to the surface of the sea, which from there, starts beside the sea, the narrow dirt path to the lighthouse.On our left side we see the endless blue of the sea,on our right side we see rocks with wild goats looking at us from safety distance..Continue on with a lot of turns and with the scenary changing often from wild rocks beside the sea into vegetation & wild olive trees at an altitude 200m.Finally we meet the famous lighthouse which is first went into operation in 1883 and in 2006 was designated a listed monument. It is one of the oldest but also the most perfect one lighthouses in the Mediterranean.Since being restored with funds from the Ekaterini Laskaridi Foundation in 2009, it has been maintained by two lighthouse keepers.
Τhe way back is from the same path and we can visit near to village vellanidia one of the most beautiful & rare tourist caves in Greece: the cave of Agios Andreas, with 18 large and small chambers, it has rich decor of stalactites and stalagmites.The extent of the cave is 1500 sqm, divided into two levels and the visitor enters a route of 500m.

βελανιδια φαρος μαλεα 23xlm

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DSCF9787 DSCF0066

DSCF0229 DSCF0228

DSCF0144 DSCF0104


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