Winter Festival at Alonistena village-Arcadia

Alonistana is a mountainous village of Arcadia . It is built at an altitude of 1,220 meters on the slopes of Mainalo and is one of the most mountainous villages of the Peloponnese . The village’s population according to the 2001 census, is 117 inhabitants . The village is now a winter resort as it is located very close to the ski  center of Mainalo & the top called Ostrakina .

From Alonistaina came the mother of Theodoros Kolokotronis , (great fighter against the Turks) , Zambia Kotsaki (her name).In these place lived Theodoros Kolokotronis in his childhood.

Every year at the end of November the locals celebrate with a lot of fun and liveliness the beginning of winter! Regardless the weather even if it is rainy or with a low of temperature  young & old people they dance traditional music with live orchestra, around a fire in the village’s square.
Hot bean soup, raki, olives & bread,  local people will share with you!
The area is ideal for hiking as the village is located in the heart of Mainalo!
We suggest you a pleasant and relaxing walk that starts from the center of village.

Starting point:Alonistaina village

Distance : 8 km

Level: Easy

Ways of crossing: Οn foot

Main sights: Walking tour through fir forest, panoramic view of the surrounding area

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DSCF3113 DSCF3063

DSCF3102 DSCF3084

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DSCF3065 DSCF3066


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DSCF2989 DSCF2997

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DSCF3018 DSCF3020

DSCF3026 DSCF3036

DSCF3047 DSCF3028

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