Olive oil & nature

A few words..

Greece holds the third place in world olive in oil production (after Spain and Italy), with more than 140 million trees, which produce approximately 450,000 tons of olive oil annually, of whom 75-80% are virgin.

In the Mediterranean area the trees bloom late at spring season (April-May) while harvesting starts from October and ends in February.

The olive tree lighted, nourished, healed, posed up and identified with high ideals and inspired for many years the thriving civilization of  eastern Mediterranean

Symbol of knowledge, wisdom, abundance, peace, health, strength and beauty was worshiped for thousands of years
It is a vibrant place a heavy heritage of legends, traditions and religious rituals closely associated with flowering, harvesting and oil production

The prefecture of Argolis in the Peloponnese, is one of the few areas where the harvest of the fruits of the olive trees, are still made by hands and not with the help of machines.

It is a very good opportunity to get acquainted with the collection of olives engaging yourself in the process, to see how the procedure of the olive fruit is, and then taste the famous virgin Greek oil, along with other traditional delicacies of the place.

We can combine harvesting the fruits of olive tree, the production of making olive oil & tasting local delicacies which have base the famous Greek olive oil with activities in the surrounding area of Nafplio.

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We suggest you the following routes:

** The God’s healing path

Starting point: Ligourio surroundings
Distance : 1.800 m
Visit period: All year
Hot spots: Ancient path, preserved imprints of chariot lanes (armatrochies), two ancient Herms, inscription of the 3rd century BC, naturalist route through vegetation and stream.

Brief description:

Our tour starts few km away from Ligourio to walk part of the ancient mycenae path.
One inscription of the 3rd century BC, that exact copy has been hacked at the entrance of the reconstructed area welcome us and say to us :
‘This pathway traveler will leads you to the sanctuary of the God of healing”
We walk through vegetation & pine trees and with the voice of stream & birds to acompany us.
In a few minutes we approach the river bed which in winter, autumn & spring time we will find water.
Continue on the path goes uphill and we will see within the path the two ancient Herms & the preserved imprints of chariot lanes (armatrochies).
At the end of the route will find a small picturesque chapel where ‘Pausanias has a story to tell us’..
We will walk totally 1.800 m at the today’s survival ancient path which connected the sanctuary of ancient Epidaurus with the port of Epidaurus & also it was the only one ancient Mycenean path which connected the argolic towns with the ancient port of Kechries of Saronic gulf.

It is very interesting route despite its length.Plenty of archeological & naturalist interesting in such a few meters.

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** For those we want more walk we can combine an other one  path which is also a part of ancient path which will lead us direct to the ancient theater & sanctuary of Epidaurus.
This will be extra route besides the above of 1800m  which is 3.5 km.

**Ancient path to the theater of Epidaurus

Starting point: Ligourio surroundings
Distance : About 5.5 km
Visit period: All year
Hot spots: Ancient path, preserved imprints of chariot lanes (armatrochies), two ancient Herms, inscription of the 3rd century BC, naturalist route through vegetation and stream,olive fields,the theater & the sanctuary of Epidaurus.

DSCF4227 DSCF4228

DSCF4232 DSCF4241



** For those we want to do cycling in the area we can do small surroundings routes (8-10km) around to the archeological site of Epidaurus & through provincial roads with olives trees fields or we can make a bigger route (about 15 km) to the old town of Epidaurus to see the small ancient theater of Epidaurus and its picturesque port.

Obraz 210 small theater

small theater2 epidaurus


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