Kria Vrisi- The balcony of Argolic gulf

Few words…

Within 45 minutes you can be from the down town of the city of Nafplio, to the beautiful mountainous village, Kria Vrisi (means cold fount).

It is a traditional uninhabided village.The residents use their houses mostly in summer time or at weekends. The locals love their land so they have signaling and opened paths that visitors can walk or cycle in a variety of levels.
The village is build at an altitude of 800m under the foothills of Chtenias mountain which is natural border between Argolis & Arcadia.
Τhe view is majestic and panoramic you can observe everything ..surrounding mountains, villages, argolic gulf, hawks, eagles.
You can collect eatable plants & herbs for your salad, you can explore the area on foot or by bike, you can do yoga exercises in the nature, you can drink cool water from fountains, you can taste traditional dishes at home with wine & tsipouro from locals!

Let us guide you to the isolated beauties!

Starting point: Kria Vrisi (28 km away from Nafplio 45min driving)

Distance: A lot of paths from 5km-25km

Level: All ( Easy, Medium, Advanced)

Hot spots: Pyramid of Hellinico- archeological interesting, mountainous traditional village of Argolis at 800m altitude, panoramic view of Argolis gulf, the imposing foothills of the mount Chtenias 1634m altitude (natural borders Argolis-Arcadia prefectures) running waters from natural sources, traditional stone made  fount, old threshing floor.

Visit time period: All year

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