Cycling guided tour-Monastery of Egg-16.03.14

Moni Augou


Route: Ano Karnazeika village-Monastery of ‘Egg’- Ano Karnazeika village
What kind of activity? Cycling guided tour to the monastery of ‘Egg’
Where is the meeting point? Port of Nafplio
What time? 09:15 am
where is the starting point of the cycling guided tour? Ano Karnazeika village
How many km is the route?
Which are the hot spots? Cycling tour through the artichokes fields, dirt paths, gorge, river, pine forest, ancient monastery, panoramic view from the altitude of 300m, picnic at the river bed
How much does it cost? 20.00€ By renting a bike /10.00€ by your own bike
What is included in the price? Cycling guided tour , the transportation of the bike in case of renting it
Way of payment? Deposit through pay-pal: or in cash
Is it difficult?  You should be in a good physical condition-Level-Medium
Is the tour for children? Over 15 years old and in a good physical condition
I don’t have a car but I have a bicycle : That’s why we shall meet in the port of Nafplio in order to provide you with a transportation by another car. The transportation of your bicycle will be on our partners van- There is no extra charge for this service
When is the closing date? Until 14.03.14
How will I inform you for my participation?
Via email or tel


09:15-Meeting at the port of Nafplio (next to the train station)
09:30- Depart from the port with direction to village Ano Karnazeika.
10:00-Arrival to village Ano Karnazeika. Starting point from the Gas station
10:15- Depart with direction to the Monastery of Egg
11:00- A short break to the river bed
11:15- Mounting to the monastery
11:45-Arrival at the Monastery, relaxation-small guided tour
12:15-Depart for the river bed-There is the possibility of a picnic
(everyone is responsible for his food)
13:00- Depart with direction to our starting point.
13:45- Arrival to Ano Karnazeika.
14:00- We have the option to have a coffee in a traditional local café at Iria village
(5 km away from Ano Karnazeika)
15 :00-Depart for Nafplio
15:30- Arrival at the port of Nafplio

** The program may last ± 1 hour depending on the preferences of the group.

*** One more reason to comeBy participating in this cycling tour you have the chance to fill in our offer-coupon  : Whereby participating in three continuously activities, following the Grecopaths team program, you earn one free session of reflexology according to your personal needs in collaboration with the laboratory of Reflexology ‘Elikonia’ in Nafplio.

General instructions:

** Everyone should bring the necessary tools for his bike (bladder, pump etc)
** By renting a bike, there will be a bike helmet too.
** Be equipped according on the weather conditions, sports shoes, and your medication if there is any medical history.

** The most km of the route will be dirt so your bicycle should be a mountain type or your tires should be mountain type.

Do not miss it!

The organizer

Tsirikou Stavroula

Contact info:


                                                                            Explore like a local,
       Feel like a local!!      

** We had the honor to have with us Ada, who had cycle over 1600 km with her husband and her daughter in Australia..

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DSCF6657 DSCF6668

DSCF6669 DSCF6692

DSCF6703 DSCF6715

DSCF6724 DSCF6735

DSCF6737 DSCF6740

DSCF6771 DSCF6800

DSCF6803 DSCF6813

DSCF6815 DSCF6819


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