Invitation for the Messinian Mani-Two days full pack 29-30 of March-Πρόσκληση για τη Μεσσηνιακή Μάνη-Διήμερο πλήρες πακέτο 29-30 Μαρτίου 2014-


What kind of excursion? Hiking, naturalist, historical
Where is the meeting point ? Port of Nafplio
What time? 07:30 am
Where is the starting point of the cycling guided tour?
Kardamylli surroundings
How many km are the routes?  6 and 6,5 the two hiking tours
 Which are the hot spots? Graves of Dioskouri, Kastora, Polidefki sons of Zeus, old elaborate fountain, view to the imposing pyramid of mount Taigetos traditional village, Historical fortress complex with towers ( Towers of Mourtzinoi & Troupakides), churches dated from 1630, path with rich vegetation, panoramic view of the Messinian gulf,  exemplary cobbled stoned path.
How much does it cost? 110.00€ including the accommodation in the tower-home  /145,00€ including the accommodation in rental rooms in Stoupa.
What is included in the price? Hiking guided tour in two local paths, transportation from Nafplio to Mani and back, transportation to the starting point of our activities, 2 lunches, 1 overnight
Way of payment? Deposit through pay-pal: or in cash
Is it difficult?  Requires moderate physical condition-Difficulty: Easy-
Is the tour for children? over 10
When is the closing date? Until 25.03.14
How will I inform you for my participation?
Via email or tel.


Saturday 29 of Μarch

07:15-Meeting  at the port of Nafplio (near the train station)
07:30- Depart from the port with direction to the Messinian Mani, to the village Saidona
10:30- Arrival at the Kardamilly
10:45- Depart for the hiking guided tour-duration about 3-3.5 hours
14:30-15:00 –Lunch at a traditional tavern
Free leisure time and coffee in Stoupa
Arrival  at the rental rooms and the tower
Settling, tour to the four-floored Tower, rest-free leisure time

Sunday 30 of March

08:00 – Getting up
09:30 – Depart from the tower with our luggage because we are not getting back to the tower
10:00 – Arrival to the starting point of our second hiking guided tour with duration approx. 3.5 hours
14:00 – Lunch to a traditional tavern
-Small guided tour to the surrounding area
-20:00-21:00 Arrival at the port of Nafplio

**** The program may last ± 1 hour depending on the preferences of the group.



** Accommodation:

-For those who are going to stay at the tower: Those who choose the Tower , staying there you are surrounded by  the absolute nature of Mani at Saidona village , about 12km from  Stoupa at an altitude of 700 meters at the foothills of Taygetos.
You will experience an atmospheric evening at the yard , the exterior fireplace-barbecue will be lighted and everyone can participate in the preparation of various snacks and drinks,
( There is no extra charge for this)
The bedrooms will accommodate 3 or 4 people together and they share two bathrooms.
There is no television or wi-fi.
Features linen, towels and heating  are provided ( There are also 3 fireplaces , heaters , electric heaters )

** Breakfast : Price does not include breakfast (other) than a coffee  or tea .
Everyone is responsible for his breakfast and snack

For those who are going to stay at the rental rooms : The rental rooms are located in Stoupa and they provide what is specified in such of lobbies. Heating, tv, wi-fi, equipped kitchen. In a small distance there are bars, cafés and restaurants.

** Lunch:

The two meals are in traditional local restaurants carefully selected based on the best combination of quality and price of food.
The menu includes a main course of your choice, a salad and a side dish. There will be a choice of meal for vegetarians. The price does not include the drinks.

***Everyone should have their medication if there is any personal medical history.


“Passer you can see Mani in three days, walker in three months, to see its soul you need three lives.
One for its marine, one for its mountains and one for its people “...

Do not miss it!

The organizer

Tsirikou Stavroula

Contact info:


  Explore like a local,
     Feel like a local!!

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