‘Cooking at home’

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How we can describe this wonderful day?
Different nationalities,different culture, perfect timing for cooking, tasting local specialties, dancing greek, disco and more..music with, learning greek herbs and wild greens,from the theory to practice..!
Highlights of the day:
Despite the rain that it make our tour more difficult & cumbersome the phrase of one of our visitor:’I prefer to see your places even with the rain than not have seen them at all, i feel really lucky for that..
”Sophia and Tony two amazing kids, twins that they learn Homiros and ancient greek from their age ( 6 years old) asked from their mother to visit Greece and to see on their own some of the monuments and to meet Greek people, they said goodbye to Grecopaths Team with tears..
What else we want?Pure human relationships, and this is what we offer..authentic experiences!

with Grecopaths Team!

more photo here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1575272162714335.1073741906.1395948937313326&type=1

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