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INVITATION FOR the 30th of May 2015

What kind of activity is it? Walking at the area of Kseropigado, a concert of classic music.

Meeting point: At the Port of Nafplio and at the flee market of Argos. Time: 14:30am and 15:00am.

Where does our walk start from: Close to the beach of Astros.

Where does it end? Close to Kseropigado.

Why can’t I come on my own car since it is such a close destination? It is not about a circular route, the starting point would be different from the ending point.

How many km is the whole path? 6km

What is it so interesting about it? It is a path worthwile to be explored by you half of the path is recognized from the Ministry of Civilazation as the path where Pafsanias passed by when he was walking to from Sparta to Lerna. It has a spectacular panoramic view, extraordinary rocks, rich greens with herbs, abandoned surroundings, the eye of “Lily”.

How much does it cost? 25,00euro for adults and 15 for children (ages from 10 to 15),

What does the cost include in? Walking with experienced outdoor guides, bus transportation, a visit at the block of houses of the Beck family in order to enjoy a concert of classical music, ouzobites with a great variety of fish and meat at the family business “Sunset Moutzouris” (instead of 1 ouzo or 1 tsipouro or 1 beer or 1 sofr drink)

Way to pay: Cash in advance of through a predeposit at the National Bank.

What kind of path is it? A ground rocky path with thorns.

Equipment: You have to wear boots and a pair of jeams which is comfortable and/or military type in order not to get hurt from the thorns along the way and you can even bring bahts for your own comfort, medical pharmacy in case there is a certain personal previous medical history, 2 half litter bottles of water and your own personal snack. ( You should carry a second pair of clothes, swimming suite and towels)

Level of difficulty : Medium with a lot of height differences.Applications deadline: Thursday the 28th of May 2015,

How can I apply?: By phone at:+306933051333,+36945285284 or email at info@grecopaths.gr, willi41@otenet.gr

** The Beck family is holding this concert on a voluntary base. The money will go to : 1) At the local civilization group in order to help them continue their activity on opening new local paths. 2)At the of group of Pili Peloponnesian Civilization to support all this 3) For transportation costs (bus and farmers cars which we will use) and the food.

14:30- Meeting at the port of Nafplio (across the train station) – 15.00am Arrival at Argos and pick up of the rest of the participants at the flee market of Argos –
15.45- Arrival at destination
16.00am – Starting of the walking tour until 18.30 where the walking tour will end – Pick up from the farmers cars and arrival at the family business of Mountzouris at Kseropigado for snack and a rest and a bath for whoever wants at the sea which is just beside there.
20.00: Departure for the Beck family where we will watch the concert.20.15- Arrival at the Beck house – 20.30 Concert Starts which will last for 2 hours i
including the break. Music composers :Heinrich Ignaz Biber, Jan Sibelius, Maurice Ravel
Piano: Adreas Redulis
Violin: Eleni Μaiparani
22.45 – Departure
23.15 – Arrival at Argos
23.45- Arrival at Nafplio

** The time schedule should be exact because the concert starts at 20.30 therefore we please all of the participants to be puntual at their arrival at the meeting point and even be there 15 minutes earlier so that all the programm is completed accordingly.


Some photos from the path:

IMG_20150520_180437 IMG_20150520_181937

IMG_20150520_201557b IMG_20150520_202358


more photo here:

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