Agroutourism in Nafplio, Iria village

Sightseeing, visiting local producers & farms, local products tasting, educational program for children based on the myths of Hercules.

Our visitors from Belgium enjoyed a full day program based on the agrotourism of the area of Nafplio.First we visited local historical monastery dated back to the 11th century, and we saw hidden frescoes into cave.(You can choose going with your car or walking for about 1.5 hour in a dirt provincial road)
We continue on with small walking tour into the gorge of Rados river in which now we didn’t find flowing water , only during winter, spring & autumn season you can find water. Despite this the scenery of the surrounding nature was still beautiful!
Our tour continued with our visitation in local farmers packing facilities of their 400 acre of several crops such as:Melons,watermelons, zucchini, eggplants, beans, corns and more..
After our tour into the fields with one of the employers of the family company who was explaining us everything about the crops,we returned back to the packing facilities.
We ‘had the luck ‘ (we were too lucky-expression in Greek language) because a real chef was awaiting for us to cook on the spot the vegetables & the fruites that we collected from the fields with great skill!

We thanks a lot for the cooperation the Grecofood and mr Panos Kokkalas-executive chef and the rural family business-Trakas- for their hospitality!

The tour ended with an educational program for childen and their family which this program is available few months of the year and only in the French language from a licensed partner specialized in those programms

DSC_0017 DSC_0095

more photo here:

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