Summer-Night Cycling

** Tolo-Plaka beach-Vivari-Kadia-Tolo

Starting point: Tolo

Level: Medium bike bike

Distance: 30 km

Hot spots: Night cycling experience  with cooler temperature, moonlight scenery, relaxed mood with nice music in a popular, local beach bar!

Brief Description:

Let’s do cycling at the night time with low temperature,with full moon &  enjoy the night scenery!

Our destination? The beach bar which has nice music, cool drinks,cocktails and tasty snacks to recharge our butteries!

The route starts from Tolo with the direction to Plaka beach.We pass from the Acropolis of Asini, we cycle across the Plaka beach having the sea on the right side.
Continue on, we  follow the main road to Drepano and then we cycle with the direction to Vivari, which is a picturesque fish village.We can do a small detour to see the beautiful Vivari’s lagoon.
Continue on, we take the coastal road to Kadia which is about 2 km uphill asphalt road. On our right side, we have the sea view & the shadows of the surrounding mountains under the moonlight. Now the road start to downhill & straight until, our final destination which is the Kadia village with nice 2 beach bars. There are famous to local people, amusing, with a nice music, cool drinks, cocktails & tasty snacks.

With not too much alcohol we can find the same way to return! 🙂

tolo-bar kadia-tolo

DSCF6995 DSCF7015

DSCF6997 DSCF7008

DSCF8173 DSCF8178


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