Small-medium routes

** Τolo-Pirgiotika-Prophet Ilias-Tolo


Starting  point: Tolo or Nafplio

Distance : 25 km

Level: Medium  bike bike

Main sights: Orange & olive fields, ancient mill, panoramic view of argolic gulf & its surroundings.

Brief Description:

The route starts from Tolo, we pass through the Assini’s orange fields and we meet an old mill. After  2 km we will pass from Drepano village and then we follow a little bit the main road to Nafplio. Continue on, we turn on the left, following the uphill provincial road  through the orange fields .After  approximately 1km we will find a dirt road which goes at the Saint Thomas church, which located in a quiet and shady place with full of pines ,it’s a nice place to have a short break.

We continue straight through the agriculture scenery with olive fields and peanut trees.

After 2 km we reach on a picturesque village called: Pirgiotika with a nice square and traditional houses. The asphalt road starts to rises slowly, we pass from the last houses of the village and the route continues through the olive fields.

While we are cycling through the fields, we will see ahead in the distance, a small mound, not unlike that at Assini, topped by the small chapel of Prophet Ilias and below is the village of the same name.

The road rises steadily with turns with a slope of about 15% and at the top after of this quite strenuous climb, stop and get your breath! Just after the brow of the hill you will see ahead, Assini, Plaka beach, ancient Assini, Romvi Island, some of the higher buildings in Tolo, Assini mountain and around to the right, the castle of Palamedes, Acronafplia, the bay of Nafplio and in the distance, the harbour at Mili & Argos city.This is a phenomenal panoramic view and it is worth it, just for this!

The way back is  the same road with a small detour, across to plaka beach and beneath the foothills of ancient Assini’s acropolis.

It is a very interesting cycling tour and within 25 km you have seen a lot of things while continuously the scenery changes from the sea view scenery into rural landscape,meeting the surrounding small villages, admiring the panoramic unique view from the top of the mound, at an altitude 200m.

** This route it could be done from different starting point from Nafplio & the distance is the same about 22 km

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** Drepano-Marathia-mound of Vivari village-Drepano

Starting  point: Drepano

Distance : About 16 km

Level: Medium bike

Main sights: Panoramic view of argolic gulf & its surroundings,vivari’s lake, traditional villages

Brief Description

The tour starts from the center of village Drepano. We follow the main road with the direction to Vivari and after 200m we turn right to provincial road, through orange fields.
We start cycling in an uphill asphalt road, and during our cycling we meet a local farm, we admire the nice view while we are cycling uphill to the mound.It has a lot of turns and the uphill slope is about 15 % in a dirt path.
When we reach to the top of mound Vivari after about 1km we can see the amazing view of argolic gulf and it’s surroundings at an altitude of 200m.It is a perfect spot for having our break.
Continiue on, the path starts to downhill with a lot of turns ,we reach the main road which will lead us to Drepano with a small detour from the lake of the picturesque village Vivari.
Τhis route is too short with a medium level of difficulty while you are cycling uphill to the mound.The view from the top will make you forget your tiredness.Enough landscape-alternations for such few kilometers of cycling.

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** Asini-Pirgiotika-Agios Antonios-Kadia-Vivari-Asini

Starting  point: Asini

Distance : About 30 km

Level: Medium  bike bike

Main sights: Panoramic view of argolic gulf & it’s surroundings, cycle through orange fields & provincial roads, old mill, a lot of swings into view between mountain & sea.

Brief Description:

The route starts from Assini, passing through the orange fields and to an interesting old, stony mill. After 2 km we will pass from Drepano village and then we follow a little bit the main road to Nafplio. Continue on, we turn on the left, following the uphill surfaced road  through the orange fields .Cycling on this uphill provincial road, after approximately 2km we meet a dirt path which we follow it.
Looking behind us, we can admire the amazing view of the nearby villages,the sea,the surrounding mountains. Τhis dirt path, passes across to the foothills of one mound, which we have it on the right side and on the left side we can see olive fields and others local crops.We will meet also a small  farm with goats.
After approximately 3 km we reach the provincial road, through one small village called Saint Antony (Agios Antonios) which it will lead us to Kadia village.
Cycling to this provincial road we can see from one side of the road ,impossing cliffs from limestone and in the backround,westerly, we can see the sea.
After 8km we arrive to Kadia and continue on, we follow the main uphill asphalt road, which will lead us, to the picturesque fish village called Vivari.
Cycling on the main road, we arrive to Drepano and before we will get the Assini , we can make a detour through plaka beach cycling across the beach,with a fantastic view.

This tour is perfect to enjoy the quiteness, the countryside, with no traffic,the view and delight the experience cycling across to the local fish villages and to the sea.

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