Dinner at home

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We have chosen for you the most traditional houses in the surroundings of Nafplio within max 30 km away from the center of Nafplio to meet the visitor ‘dinner at home’ with local families or couples.
All the housewives have the tradition of cooking, with handmade pies and traditional recipes of Peloponnese. The old traditional dishes, made with love and care, from organic farming products and the hospitality of the Greek family, synthesize an authentic Greek menu handmade for you!
Our main goal is to promote an ecological way of life as it befits each and every one of us through the rich gastronomy of Peloponnese!
Below you will find sample of menu that you can taste:


Salad (Choose 1)

Wild boiled mountain greens or season salad

Starters (choose 2)

Homemade cheeses such as feta, or mizithra or manouri , stuffed with vine leaves ,pie with spinach and other wild greens

Meat (Choose 1)

Goat baked in wooden oven with potatoes or goat stew with green beans

Deserts (Choose 1)

Custard filled pastry or handmade goat yogurt with handmade spoon sweets


Wine and coffee



Salad (Choose 1)
Greek salad ( tomato, cucumber, fresh pepper, olives, feta cheese, oregano and olive oil)
Starters (Choose 2)
Fried or grilled peppers with olive oil vinegar and garlic
Flat pale beans

For Vegetarians (Choose 1)
Briam ( potatoes, peppers, zucchini, eggplants, parsley, olive oil cooked on the oven) or
Stuffed vegetables( Tomatoes and peppers stuffed with rice and fresh herbs cooked on the oven
Cod with skordalia (thick purée with potatoes and garlic)
Meat (Choose 1)
Lemon chicken stew with homemade pasta or
Beef stew with mashed potatoes or rice
Desserts (Choose 1)
Greek yoghurt with spoon sweets or

Halvas covered with fruits (sweet based on semolina)

Wine and coffee


** All guests must share the same choice from the menu
** The menu can be served as for a dinner or as for a lunch
** ‘Dinner at home’ could be combined with several activities such as: Hiking, cycling, horse riding, yoga, visitation to monastery or archaeological site. Please ask for it as an extra service. We will find you the most appropriate and available house according to the activity you wish to choose.
Min 2 persons
Max 10-15 persons
** There is also available locals house very near from the center of town (2km) for those who want somewhere near and there is also a possibility of cooking lesson at this house.
Book your seat, ask details via email: info@grecopaths.gr
Not included: Transportation. Please ask us if you would like to arrange your transportation
Meeting point: Your hotel
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