Perfecture of Arcadia

Traditional festival 05 & 06/08-Araxamites-Arcadia

Arachamites village is a small green village built on a mountainside at an altitude of 740 m.

Every year on 5-6 August organized the feast of the Transfiguration (Metamorfosi Sotiros) with traditional music, dance and plenty of food and drink.

We can combine activities such as walking with the following proposed naturalistic-paths:

** The gorge of Ellisona river

Starting  point: Araxamites village-Arcadia

Distance : Αbout 15 km

Level: Medium trek trek

Ways of crossing: Οn foot

Main sights: Traditional village, ancient bridge, fields with cherry trees and chestnuts, the gorge,river trekking

Τhe river Ellisonas Stems from mountain Mainalo and Piana and  passes between the villages  Baggou and Arachamites, cuts the Ancient Megalopolis in two pieces and flows into the Alpheus River, near to the village Thoknia.

The route starts from the picturesque village and continue through provincial roads and fields with cherry trees and chestnuts. Αfter 2 hours walking and after from a small downhill dirt path, we reach the river bed.From there starts our walking tour, through the cool waters of the river and parallel to the river bed. During to our walk we meet an ancient mill and a small old traditional stone made bridge.The river vegetation make the scenery majestic with plane trees and willows around the place.

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** Through the fields around the village Araxamites

Starting  point: Araxamites village-Arcadia

Distance : Αbout 8 km

Level: Easy trek

Ways of crossing: Οn foot, by bicycle

Main sights: Traditional village, fields with cherry trees & chestnuts,corns, wild berries trees,herds of cows & sheeps.

This route is absolutely representative of the agriculture life of Araxamites village.The walk starts from the traditional village’s square doing a small circle around the fields of the village.
The visitor has the chance to enjoy the quietness, the smells and the smiles of the local sheepherds and farmers.

After the walk we can enjoy the local festival with plenty of food, drink and traditional music under the plane trees and beside to fountain.


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**Αubergine-jazz festival Leonidio, Arcadia

Twice a year on July & on August it take place every year the festival of Aubergine & Jazz music at Leonidio village-Prefecture of Arcadia

The aubergine is a famous-tasty local product of Leonidio Arcadia. It is the only aubergine with sweet taste. The special characteristics of the local soil and climate of the region are apparently responsible for it.

Many years ago residents use to speak the Tsakonian dialect.Tsakonian, is a highly divergent modern variety of Greek, spoken in the Tsakonian region of the Peloponnese in Greece. Tsakonian derives from Doric Greek, which its the only one living  descendant  dialect.While it is conventionally treated as a dialect of Greek,some people treat it as a separate language.Tsakonian dialect is critically endangered, with unfortunatelly only a few hundred & mostly elderly people, to speak fluently the Tsakonian dialect.

Leonidio city, with a population of 6.294 emerges from a spectacular landscape, bounded by two abrupt mountainsides enclosing the town from the north and south side. The River Dafnon passes through the town, and its banks are linked with three bridges. The town is capital of the Tsakonia region, notable for its cultural and linguistic particularities, and the itself settlement  offers a striking and picturesque architecture; now is a protected architectural site and there are very strict regulations for building within the town’s limits.

The municipality of Leonidio organises twice a year festivals to celebrate and to advertise their products and the village.Through the narrow streets and ornate architecture of Leonidio, music and song, dance, gastronomy, cinema, Tsakonian language, pure tradition and fusion, all together on one Tsakonian carpet.

Leonidio has plenty of paths in nature to discover and to walk.It has also sports climbing routes for the climbing lovers.

One suggested-remarkable route:

Leonidio-Monastery of Saint Nikolas Sitzas-Leonidio

Starting  point: Leonidio

Distance : 10 km

Level: Easy trek

Ways of crossing: Οn foot & by bicycle

Main sights: Panoramic view of the village & of the surrounding area at an altidude 500m, nice route & at a nearest distance from the Leonidio.

Brief Description:

The route starts from the center of the town Leonidio.Our direction is the impressive brown-red rocks opposite to the village where one famous local monastery (S.Nikolas Sitzas) is built into the rocks.Through provincial road we pass from olive fields & while we walk in an uphill road we can admire the view of the village and of the impressive surrounding mountains.After 1 hour walking we reach on the top, at an altitude 500m.The view from there is panoramic.The way back is from the same road.


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Cherry festival – Platanos, Arcadia

The cherry festival takes place in May every year at Platanos village-Prefecture of Arcadia

Platanos is built on the slopes of Parnonas, based on a verdant ravine at an altitude of 440 m. It is about 60km away from Naplio. The beautiful, unspoilt natural environment of chestnut, pine and fir trees make the enviroment majestic make the village picturesque and it is declared as a traditional settlement.
Traditional neatly houses, narrow cobbled streets and whitewashed, it has lush and several trees such as pears, cherries and walnuts and abundant waters compose the village and ultimate serenity and tranquility.
Indeed, the unique microclimate of the region favors the coexistence of vegetation rarely found such as: vines, pines, firs, olive, oak trees and rich variety of herbs.

In that cherry festival we can find handcrafted sweet cherry pies, and tastes based on cherry made and offered ​​from housewives of Platanos.
We can enjoy also the traditional souvlaki and roast pig, with abundant and exquisite wine.

Αn other nice one festival that organised from the locals at Platanos village, is the Full Moon Festival.
It happens to celebrate the best full moon of the year. The August full moon with latin & rock music.Τhe lights are off, the music starts & all we want is the same dance under the moonlight..

Around the village there are many paths in nature to explore.

One suggested-remarkable route:

** Platanos-Lepida’s Waterfalls-Platanos

Starting  point: Platanos village

Distance : 5 km

Level: Easy trek

Ways of crossing: Οn foot

Main sights: River trekking,luxuriant vegetation, impressive 40m, high waterfalls

Brief Description:

This path leads to Lepida’s Waterfalls.The path starts about 1km away from the village. It’s a small but beautiful route that goes through and across the river.
We can enjoy the river trekking with the luxuriant area vegetation through the plain trees and in our left and right side the foothills of the mountain full of fir trees.
When we reach the waterfalls the view is amazing.The waters flows with momentum from 40m high and under from the waterfall, there is formed a small blue lake perfect for swimming!
You will never forget this is like a fairytail!and this cherry festival is a perfect causation, for activities in nature and an excellent opportunity to know the local culture,customs.


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