Cycling for the pyramid


Cycling for the pyramid

The route starts from the central square of Argos.

Argos: The city ​​of gods and kings, the name, the fame, the glory, was prevalent in all nations!’ France traveler Poukevil in1820.

Through neighborhoods and narrow roads we pass in front of the archaeological sites of the theater (capacity of approximately 20,000 spectators, bigger than the ancient theater of Epidaurus) and the ancient market of Argos.
Continue on, through provincial roads, with a direction one small unknown beautiful village we meet the side stream of the water channel and we pass through the tastiest orange groves in Greece. Arriving at the village is an ideal place to have our break.
It has a lot of green, and the waters of the historical river called Erasinos, make the scenery majestic. Just above the river we can see the church (Zoodohos pigi ) which is built into a cave.

There is also into the cave a spring which continues to flow until today through the centuries. The elaborately landscaped temple combined with the its surroundings, offers a beautiful panoramic view of the area. We have also the opportunity to visit the local folk art museum. It is very interesting to know the folk culture of the region by studying the old objects which the people used to use through the time.

Continue on our cycling we follow an uphill 2km provincial road which will lead to one of the most impressive archaeological sites of Argolis, the pyramid of Elliniko. The latest datings, place it, around 3000 B.C.

After the pyramid we follow the water canals of Erasinos River and the fertile farmland with various crops of fruits and vegetable of the area. Our last stop is one of the most picturesque fish villages in the region. This is the ending point of our cycling tour.

Starting point: Argos

Ending point
: Nea Kios

Distance : 17 km

Duration: approx. 4 h

Level: Easy

Elevation difference: 140 meters/459.2  ft

Hot spots: Ancient market & theatre of Argos, orange fields several local crops,  church built into a cave, panoramic view of Argolis gulf, the pyramid of Elliniko, folk art museum, picturesque fish village, river of Erasinos

Book your seat, ask details via email:

Included: Local, English speaking tour escort, bicycle rental, traditional snack, personal insurance, helmets, backpack (if necessary), photographs from the tour
Extra activities in the surrounding area: ‘Dinner at home’, cooking lessons, horse riding
Useful notes :
** All our bikes are new (2012, 2013  models) their type is mountain, most of them are IDEAL, disc brakes mechanical, 21 or 24 gears, adjustable suspension with lock-unlock system, two storeyed wheel rim, accessories SHIMANO, several sizes, jel-saddles, max number of bikes 30, on request 1 month earlier more than 30 bikes can be available.
** Please inform us if you don’t have a back pack
** Suitable clothing for the activity always according to the weather conditions
** We organize a small personal pharmacy staff if there is a specific personal medical history
** We are in good physical condition for the activity’s level we chose

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