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Nemea (Greek: Νεμέα) is an ancient site in the northeastern part of the Peloponnese, in Greece. Formerly part of the territory of Cleonae in Argolis, it is today situated in the regional unit of Corinthia.

Here in Greek mythology Heracles overcame the Nemean Lion of the Lady Hera. Also famous were the Nemean games with athletic and horse races games who were among the most important sporting events of ancient Greece after the Pythian Games, the Olympian and Isthmian. With the same name held since 1996 in the ancient stadium of Nemea international sports competitions.

We suggest you:

‘Cycling for wine’

An interesting cycling tour that combines cycling and winetasting.

Meeting the vineyards of Nemea – distinctive Terroir (Vineyard) wine-growing zone of Nemea.
Crossing the wine roads of Nemea which are lying on the ancient paths and connected the old ancient cities (Kleones – Nemea – Phlius) we can see the temple of  Nemean Zeus, the ancient stadium.

Wine tasting in three at least wineries to hear interesting information of the winemaking techniques and tips for the grapes and wines which are produced locally to taste the unique varieties of the nemean wine which have earn a lot of gold metals.

Variety of routes:
From 12 km without uphills and downhills through the vineyards to mountain bike routes for more experienced bikers, to the surrounding mountains (Prophet Elias, lake of Stymfalia, Megalovouni, mountainous vineyards.)

Extra activities in the area of Nemea: Guided archaeological tour, lesson cooking, archery, horse riding, lunch in a traditional tavern with local recipes and specialties.

Costs: Wine tasting in one winery 8.00 € (included guided tour and wine tasting)
Lesson cooking & lunch: from 45.00€
Horse riding: From 50.00€
Cycling tour small-medium level: 60.00€
Cycling tour advanced level : 65.00 €
Archery: On request
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