Fairy path


‘The fairytale path and the 7 watermills’

The path starts from the village of Karia which is 32 km away from Nafplio.

Karia is the most beautiful, picturesque mountainous village of Argolis prefecture with 402 residents. It is built at the altitude of 682 m. and from there starts the  famous trekking to the peak of mount Artemisio which is the higher of Argolis 1771 m. and natural border from the Arcadia prefecture.
Livestock, vineyards, olive trees are the main occupation of the locals.
The village it has a lot to give to the visitor: Renovated stone built houses ,  picturesque old neighborhoods, cool springs, plain trees, the central square of the village, traditional taverns, fresh oxygen, microclimate  attract all year: visitors , locals and hikers.
For you we have chosen ‘The fairytale path and the 7 watermills ‘ that starts from the village

Starting point: Karia village

Distance : 5 km
Level: Medium

Elevation difference: About 350m

Ways of crossing : On foot

Hot spots:. Fantastic route through plain trees and watermills, traditional village, panoramic view, delicious local dishes

Book your seat, ask details via email: info@grecopaths.gr

Included: Local, English speaking tour escort, traditional snack, personal insurance, transportation from Nafplio and back, walking poles, backpack (if necessary), photographs from the tour.

Brief Description:

The path starts from the village of Karia and goes continuously uphill through the cobblestone paths of the village. After while we meet the first watermill.

Continue on going uphill, starts the path to lead us to the heart of the plain trees forest with flowing waters. Ideal place to rest and to hear a fairytale for young and old friends about one history which is still alive through centuries.

Our route continues to cross the forest for about 40min.During to our trekking tour we will see the rest watermills which some of them they are in a very good condition.

After while we reach a glade that we meet one chapel with a large yew next to it.
Locals use to say that under this holly Pausanias get rested while he passed from that spot.

From that spot the path starts to downhill through the fir trees and making a circular route the path ends to the village.
This route is not a simple walking tour but trekking tour because of its elevation difference and its ‘mountainous form’.

DSC01262 DSC01302

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