Family friendly cycling tour in Nafplio


Family friendly cycling tour in Nafplio

Brief Description:

A friendly family or for beginners cycling tour, starts from the lighthouse of the picturesque harbor of Nafplio.
There are very few uphills and downhills and all the tour is cycling across the sea.
Firstly you cycle into the paved path under the walls of Acronafplia admiring the five canons from the Venetians period of occupation.
The Acronafplia was the Acropolis of Nafplion and the oldest of all the castles of the city. The Turks called Itch-Kale, which means inner fortress. It is a long, narrow rocky peninsula with 85m. height, 400m width and 900m length and enters into the Gulf of Argolis.

Continue on our tour we pass from the church called Panagitsa, which was the secret school that operated during the Ottoman occupation. In a few minutes we arrive in Arvanitia beach and from there starts 2.5km dirt path which will lead us to  Karathona beach .On the left side we can see the foothills of Palamidi castle and on the right side the view of the sea and of the highest mountains of the Peloponnese. Mountain Artemision 1771m high, which is natural boundary in two prefectures Argolida, Arkadia, and the mountain  of Parnonas which has altitude 1940 meters.

In the middle of our way we meet the climbing field of Nafplio, where notable sport routes are for climbing lovers.

After 2.5km the dirt path ends and we arrive at the sandy Karathona beach. We cycle another 2.5 km across the beach under the shadows of the eucalyptus trees and we reach in a picturesque church with wooden benches and roof. It is perfect place to rest and to have lunch break with sea view.

For those who want to discover more we can walk in a dirt path 300 m distance which will lead us in a beautiful chapel next to it with a fantastic sea view. The scenery reminds you an island, with the land and the road to stop and the sea to surrounds us.

After this ‘walking break’ we can go back take our bicycles and continue our tour returning from the same path to our starting point.

Finally for those who want to extend the cycling tour (+-4 km) we can continue the cycling tour through the old and modern neighborhoods of Nafplio meeting the non-tourism places of the city .



Starting point: Port of Nafplio

Ending point
: port of Nafplio

Distance : 13 km

Duration: approx. 2.5 h

Level: Easy

Elevation difference:  30 meters/ 98 ft

Hot spots: Acropolis of Αcronafplia , cycling across the coast, wonderful sea view & of surrounding mountains, picturesque church. The best choice to see the closest surrounding beauties of Nafplio city.

Book your seat, ask details via email:

Included: Local, English speaking tour escort, bicycle rental, traditional snack, personal insurance, helmets, backpack (if necessary), photographs from the tour

Useful notes :
** All our bikes are new (2012, 2013  models) their type is mountain, most of them are IDEAL, disc brakes mechanical, 21 or 24 gears, adjustable suspension with lock-unlock system, two storeyed wheel rim, accessories SHIMANO, several sizes, jel-saddles, max number of bikes 30, on request 1 month earlier more than 30 bikes can be available.
** Please inform us if you don’t have a back pack
** Suitable clothing for the activity always according to the weather conditions
** We organize a small personal pharmacy staff if there is a specific personal medical history
** We are in good physical condition for the activity’s level we chose

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