Ancient Nemea-Ancient Kleones

Few words..

Nemea is an ancient site in the northeastern part of the Peloponnese, in Greece.

The surrounding area of Nemea is the largest wine-growing area of Greece which produced the famous wines.The area is famous for its wine since ancient times, when it was called Fliasion Field because of the ancient city called Fleiountas.
In Greek mythology Heracles overcame the Nemean Lion of the Lady Hera.

You will stay speechless until nowdays  in front of this greatness that harmonises the ideal choice of the archaeological site and the structural integrity in their most austere forms. The ancient Nemea  joined in to the circle of the Greek national Games in 573 BC. They  had, great prestige, they held every two years alternately with the struggles of Olympia’s Delphi ,Isthmian, under the supervision of the ancient  Kleones.

Every 4 years the local club of Nemean games revives the Nemean games  from 1996.
Τhere is a ‘Neamean game’s club which organize the revival of the games. Their goal is the participation, on the sacred ancient earth of Greece, of anyone and everyone, in games that will revive the spirit of the Olympics. They have succeeded to relive the authentic ancient athletic customs in the ancient stadium of Nemea.

It’s worth many congratulations to the president of this club Mr Stefan Miller for his life dedication tο highlight this place & our homeland..

The Temple of Zeus at Nemea developed in the early 6th BC century,  with the introduction of the Greek national Nemean games, in an area, where witnessed evidence of human activity, since prehistoric times.

There is something that you will never forget: passing the hidden entrance. Wherever at the Nemea archeological site are you, you can see & hear the modern world constantly.You hear, feel, smell what the ancient athletes heard, felt & smelled in.. there; Αt either end of the stone-chill darkness, you see the same hot jab of light.

It is one tour that you will not forget..


Suggestuble route:

Ancient Nemea-Ancient Kleones

Our route starts from the archaelogical site of Nemea and ends before the main village of ancient Kleones.

It is a walking tour that combines everything.A walking tour through the history..passing the same ancient vineyards that used το cultivate centuries ago and with the temple of Nemea Zeus just behind you..
At the beggining you walk to the main asphalt road and continue on, you start to follow provincial dirt roads through olive fields, appricot trees, vineyards, and proprietary crops of melon and zucchini.It really surprises you that inside of Nemea you will find such an interesting path to walk.
Many scenery alternations in such a few km.
The view is fantastic from  485 m altitude.The flora is rich enough with wild greens,arbatus, and mashrooms.Except the crops and the fields you will meet also pine trees.You will meet also local farm with goats!What else within 6.5 km?

Starting point:Ancient Nemea
Arrival point: Local winery
Distance: 6.5 km
Duration: About 2.5 h
Level: Medium
Ways of crossing: Οn foot
Visitation season: All year
Elevation difference: 180 m-590.4 ft
Main sights: Walking through the oldest vineyards in Greece
Book your seat, ask details via email:

Included: Local English speaking guide, transportation from Nafplio and back, traditional snack, personal insurance
Εxtra activities: Archery, horseriding, dinner at home,cooking lesson,, guided tour in the archaeological site, wine tasting choosing one of about 38 wineries in the area,visiting the temple of Hercules.
-Ask us about those services, prices accordingly the persons-

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