A sensual journey to wellness, rejuvenation and relaxation. Based on almond oil and  therapeutic essential oils of strong aroma leave the skin with a lovely velvety texture.

FACIAL GUASHA massage is perfectly combined with the Japanese origin Tanaka massage. Two techniques that detoxify and stimulate the lymphatic circulation, which results in a immediate facial lifting, reducing dark circles around the eyes, tightening the oval shape of the face and improving muscle tone. Moisturizes and makes skin more radiant.

REJUVANCE  (Natural Fingertip-Facelift)
“A renaissance face-lift sent-off” which allows you to enjoy an uplifting therapy. With special techniques and soft moves of fingertips, relieves face-muscles from any tension, granting a shiny, calm face, improving wrinkles, fine and hard lines. Sense of relaxation and rest is discernible throughout your body, just like you have waken from a restful slumber


Enjoy a unique relaxation experience in all levels,combined with peace of mind,spirit liberation and body empowerment. Discover the imparting of Life Energy with the simple touch of the hands, through the Japanese natural Reiki energy touch.

All the products of the treatments (base oils, essential oils, etc.) are natural, herbal and organic


DSCF1658 DSCF1666

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