** Ancient Trizina- Volcano of Methana

A few words..

80km away from Nafplio there is the archeological site of Ancient Trizina which was a great ancient town.

The sanctuary of Hippolytus, the asclepion of Trizinas,fortress tower, the bridge of Devil with it’s waterfalls, the rock of Thiseas, the mysterious volcano of Methana are some of the sights you should see,explore & to travel  through the ruins of the glorious past of this place ..

Let the history,the myth, the smells,the feelings to guide you!

Let’s walk to the great past, to the majestic nature!

We suggest you: 2 small walking tours:

** Trizina village-Ancient Trizina-Devil’s bridge-Trizina

Starting point: Trizina

Level: Easy trek

Distance:  About 7 km

Ηοt spots: Great archaeological interesting, waterfalls, lakes, traditional village

Visit time period: All year

Βrief Description

The route starts from the traditional village of Trizina and we walk across the green land with olive & lemon trees with the direction to the west of the modern town of Trizina,to the archaeological site of ancient Troezen, homeland of mythical Thiseas.It was the place where Phaedra and Hippolitus fell in love. At the site we find the ruins of the temple of Hippolitus founded by Diomedes and the buildings and the precinct constructed in the late 4th century or the early 3rd century B.C. over an ancient building. There are also ruins of ancient sanctuaries, walls, Phaedra’s monument, the Agora, the stadium and other buildings. The visitors will be amazed by a fortified tower, known as “the Palace of Theseus”, which was built in the 5th century but also has medieval elements. The ruins of a Roman building stand on the south of this tower, which is considered to be the Temple of the Muses.

Continue on, we follow an uphill dirt path which will lead us to the devil’s bridge.In our way we will find ruins of tower and at the end of the path we see the beautiful overgrown by trees scenary with small waterfalls and lakes.It is the gorge of Devil.The path to walk down to the lakes it is a little bit steep but it has ropes tied from trees to help our step.

When we reach to the lakes we can jump into them for swimming! (Due to summer season) The locals have hang ropes from the tree branches to enjoy our splash!What are you waiting for?!

At the end of our walk we can have a break for coffee or lunch to the village Trizinia to find out with locals the truth about the myths for the Devil’s gorge..

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Starting point: Near to Kameni xora village

Level: Easy trek

Distance: About 6 km

Visit time period: All year

Hot spots:Panoramic view of Saronic gulf,hiking through pinewoods & great lava formations, imposing geological fault

Brief discription:

The Methana peninsula contains some 32 volcanoes including the Methana volcano.The volcanic activity in the peninsula began one million years ago and continued gradually until 300 years ago. The last eruptions took place in 1700 at a submarine volcano north of Kameni Chora.

The ascent to the greatest volcanic crater Kameni Chora, the other two smaller craters are located northeast, is a unique experience that wake up the senses of the visitor as it offers breathtaking panoramic view of the Saronic Gulf.

Crossing the village of Kameni Chora after 1 km the asphalt ends and from there begins our walk with an uphill dirt path.

The uphill dirt  path meanders through pines and oaks and we can see great lava formations in reddish brown color.After 25 minutes we reach the top of the volcano at 760m altitude.

When we reach at the top of mount in front of us, to the point that writes Volcano, is an imposing geological fault with vertical walls of over 15 meters. A few meters away, is the main crater, on the peak of mount called ‘cone’ (425 meters), with a diameter of 100 meters and a depth of 40-50 m.

The way back is from the same path.

Methana has a lot of nice beaches for swimming & also at winter time because the waters that flow from springs & resulting to the sea are warm.
These waters are “carrying” numerous valuable trace minerals and minerals that offer unique properties for treating many ailments and overall rejuvenation of the body of any age.

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