** The Waterfalls of Neda

A few words:

Neda is the river of the Peloponnese at the frontier of Ilia and Messinia. Stems from Mount Lykaion, flows westward and empties into the Ionian Sea, between the shores of Kyparissias and Zacharos. Its length is 32 km. Feature is that it is the one of the rivers in Greece, with the Herceena, having female name.

We suggest 2 remarkable routes:

1)Village Platania-Waterfalls of Neda-Ancient Figalia

Starting point: Village Platania

Level: Easy trek

Distance:  About 10 km

Ways of crossing: On foot

Visit time period: All year

Hot spots: area with a great archeological intresting, traditional villages, waterfalls

Brief description:

The walk start from the picturesque village Platanos which is a natural balcony with the breathtaking view to the gorge of Neda.

Continue on a dirt downhill path with a lot of turns and having in our right side plane trees, we reach after approximately 4km the river bed.

Αt this point it starts the path to the amazing waterfalls.After 10min walking we reach the first one waterfall for our first splash!

After 5 min more walk we can see the last one & the most beautifull neda’s waterfall! You can’t describe such a beauty..

When we make the decision to leave that paradise place we continue back from the same way until we reach one juction which it goes to the ancient Figalia.

It is an uphill dirt road with a lot of turns at about 4 km we arrive at the modern Figalia village with the ruins of ancient town to be next to the village.We can visit also near to Figalia the ancient temple of God Apollo which is astonishing monument. Νext to the village we can see also the ruins of the ancient market & the ruins of the temple of Goddness Athena.

The figalians residents to their area built with Ictinus (the architect of the Parthenon), the famous temple of Epicurean Apollo, who helped them to regain their city by the Spartan.The legends and traditions mention that the youth of the neighboring kingdom of  Fighaleia were bathed in the waters of Neda in order to get power, while the history says that  Figalieis had such force that sent ships to the Trojan war.

In that historical & mythical place ends our walk.

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2) River trekking in Neda

Starting point: About 7 km away from village Platania

Level: Medium trektrek

Distance:  About 5 km

Visit time period: May until August

Hot spots: river trekking,majestic nature,swimming under the waterfalls

Brief description:

The route starts about 7km away from village Platania and from there  starts our walk through the river.The major part of the route is to walk through the neda’s river or along it.In Some points the water’s depth is about 2 meters so we have to swim for a few meters.The nature around the gorge is fantastic.Luxuriant vegetation, butterflies, small lakes, pefect reason to take a brake for swimming, the sun, are some to enjoy..After 4 hours walking & swimming we reach to the two majestic neda’s waterfalls..for an other break..Let’s enjoy together!

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Kardamili-Sent Sofia-Gorge of Viros-Kardamili

Starting point: Kardamili town

Level: Easy trek

Distance:  About  7 km

Visit time period: Autumn, Spring, Summer

Hot spots :Byzintine churches,graves of Dioskouri,Kastora,Polidefki sons of Zeus, old elaborate fountain, view to the pyramid (the peak of Mountain) Taigetos,gorge of Viros, fresh cool water from springs.

The path starts from the old town of Kardamili.

We pass from the historical & famous fortified complex of towers of the strong family of the area’s captains  οn 17th,18th & 19th century (Troupakis & Moyrtzini family)

Continue on the uphill cobbled path after 40 min, we reach to the church of Sent Sofia, which dates on 1614 A.D. From there we can admire the view of the Taigetos mountain, with its impressive pyramid-peak with 2.407m altitude & from another side we can see the kardamili & the sea view.

 During our walk we will meet the graves of Dioskouri,Kastora,Polidefki sons of Zeus and queen of Sparta Lida. Fortunately when you start feeling thirsty you will find an old elaborate fountain which will give you what you water which for centuries running nonstop ..Few meters later the dirt path starts to downhill through the luxuriant vegetation of the area which is so luxuriant in some spots that reminds you jungle! At summertime this passing, it’s like an oasis! After 35min we reach to the river bed of Viros gorge.Viros has total length about 19 kilometers & it starts from the foothills of Taigetos & the forest Vasiliki & ends to the Kardamili. While our walking tour we will meet also an old abandoned  monastery. Continue on, we  walk across to the gorge admiring the surrounding nature & after about 1.5 h we reach to the spot we began.

It is a trip that you will not forget. You can feel the glorious history of this place walking in the old paths which give their own point of reference in the course of time.

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