Sports Caving

Explore with our local sports caving team non tourism caving tours. Learn and discover the geology, the fossils, the decoration, the live in caves, of local & out of the perfecture caves. Caving is a sport for those who enjoy physical and mental challenges in their quest to see new things and experience new underground places. Crawling through tight squeezes, wiggling down tunnels on your belly or your backside, climbing up walls of rock – these are just a few of the challenges you might find in a cave environment.  Pitch darkness is what makes caving so different from other adventure sports.  All of the challenges of movement in a confined space are increased when you have nothing more than a headlamp or flashlight for light! Join us for a caving adventure!

** Some tours are intended to persons who are trained in technical ascends & descends on a single rope & some others the only thing you may need is your mood to explore the underground world!

** The equipment is provided with the guided tour.

 Caves that we can explore:

** Cave of  Xeropigado


Located in: Prefecture Argolis-about 18km away from Nafplio city

Difficulty: Medium  images images

Techniques of descends: With aluminium ladder

Brief Description:

A remarkable cave near to the seaside village of Xiropigado it became famous few years ago. The cave had two entrances, today there is only access to one. The cave’s entrance today is a small gulch about 3.5 meters and is situated just off the road. The main cave which is a refraction, has many beautiful spots where the decoration of stalagmites & stalactites make it impressive.

100_4636 100_4639

100_4656 100_4734


100_4668 100_4691


** Cave of  Hermis

Located in: Prefecture of Korithia-about 80km away from Nafplio city

Difficulty: Medium  images images

Techniques of descends: Walking downhill

Brief Description:

The famous cave of Ermis is located in Zireia on the eastern slope of the mountain , just above the plateau of Flabouritsa at an altitude of 1,700 meters, close to the nearest village called Ano Trikala .

It is quite large cave strongly downward with a rich decorated rooms with narrow passages, small ponds , potholes.It is characterized by bulky columns towering imposingly at the cave.
To arrive to this cave we follow a dirt road until one spot &  from then & after we walk on a marked path  which will leads us to the entrance of the cave .

dsc_2858 dsc_2871

dsc_2873 dsc_2872

dsc_2902 ermis


** Cave ‘Selinitsa’

Located in: Prefecture Messinia-about 230 km away from Nafplio city

Difficulty: Easy  images

Techniques of descends: Walking horizontaly

Brief Description:

The entrance of this cave is impressive , majestic and consists the estuary – exit of the old river. At the coast has formed an ” amphitheater ” from the outfall of the underground river . An ” amphitheater “, which with it’s large smooth limestons and the fragments  of marbles  is considered one of the finest places of natural beauty in the world. Walking the cave is like passing through of  the dry  riverbed of underground river.
In the past an underground river passing by it, opening a labyrinthine canal system within marbles.

To cave belongs to the same karstic system with the river called Dragon as this river until today outfalls  its waters underground at a depth of 10 meters from the sea level .
The decoration especially at the end of the cave is magical because an entire cave’s room sparkles from rare formations of stalagmites, which really leaves you  speechless in front of this splendor of nature.


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** There is an option for professional photography into the caves

see below these 2 photos for sample:



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