Horse riding (guided)

The relationship developed between horse and human is unique. Horse proved to be man’s most valuable achievement. The latter was fully aware of this fact and so gave him corresponding salience in his life and legends. The word “knight”, which currently certifies the politeness and savoir vivre (and in older times honor, candor, respect and courage) derives from this noble animal. Some ancient societies owed their existence and their accomplishments exclusively on the horse. They molded mythical creatures like centaurs, Pegasus and Unicorn, giving the exemplar and magnificent qualities.

So, if you like horses and want to taste the joy of getting together with them, we can arrange for you a riding lesson (for beginners), lasting 1 hour or/and a stroll on horseback (for the advanced), lasting from 1 to 4 hours.
All our trips start from the surroundings of Nafplio in a local farms and passes through rural roads within nature and are guided by an experienced guide – rider. The horses are all trained and learned with the people, looking for love and caress wherever possible.
The routes include an easy and comfortable course for beginners and connoisseurs of riding places, near to Nafplio and the surrounding villages, next to the sea, through orange & olive fields into the farms!

Steps: Tell us if you are begginer or cannoisseur, how much time do you have (1 to 4 h and more..for the most experienced)
where are you staying?(We have variety of farm horses so we can choose the closest to you) and leave the rest to us!


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