Riding with a jeep 4×4

At your service our experienced local partners in super jeep tours in Argolis and it’s surrounding prefectures Arcadia & Korinthia with their unique landscapes!

Let the professionals take control of your fun! Sit back, relax, and enjoy an adventure safari. From the most isolated beautiful parts to the forests, lakes, plateaus, your adventure is calling!

We are born from dedicated group of outdoor adventurers, and have shaped our operation to reflect our passion for the great outdoors.

We run a mixed fleet of modified Land Rover Discovery V8 4000c, Hyundai Sanda Fe 2000c diesel & Suzuki Grand Vitara 2000c which will get you off the beaten track by crossing rivers and driving on mountain roads full of adventure!

You should experience to ride :

** Nafplio-Monastery of Karakala & of ‘Egg’-

Ancient Epidaurus-Nafplio


Starting point: Nafplio  or  its surroundings


Distance: About 95 km

Duration : About 5 hours

Time period: All year

Hot spots: Famous local & historical monastery (11th century), beautiful mountain landscapes,mountainous isolated villages,pinewood, off road routes, ancient theater of Epidaurus.

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DSCF0355 DSCF0365

DSCF0404 DSCF0412

DSCF0401 DSCF0439

DSCF0424 DSCF0478

DSCF0474 DSCF0479


** Kadia beach-Monastery of Egg-Village Pelei-Saladi beach

Starting point: Kadia beach or  its surroundings


Distance: About 68 km

Duration : About 6 hours

Time period: All year

Hot spots: Famous local & historical monastery (11th century), mountain farming village at an altitude 330m, river at winter & spring time,(difficult passages),beautiful isolated beach called Saladi

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264 240

** Nafplio-Velanidia Eleoxori-Ano vervena-Vourvoura-

Agios Petros-Μonastery Malevi-Astros-Nafplio

Starting point: Nafplio  or  its surroundings

Levelparks-41-512 parks-41-512parks-41-512

Distance: About 100 km

Duration : About 10 hours

Time period: All year

Hot spots: Picturesque mountain villages of the Arcadia perfecture at an altitude 950m, fir forests,rivers, adrenaline with the hard dirt paths-passages through the mountains, famous monastery firstly founded on 14 th century AD.

364 phoca_thumb_l_t1

Obraz 027 Obraz 018



** Nafplio- Ancient Nemea-Plain of Skotini-

Lake of Stimfalia-Lake of Doxas

Starting point: Nafplio or  its surroundings


Distance: About 200 km

Duration : About 10 hours

Time period: All year

Hot spots: Αncient Nemea :Famous ancient city, known by the mythical lion killed by Hercules. The ruins of the temple of Nemean Zeus, ancient stadium.

Chance of wine tasting, to the one of the most ancient cities,Nemea,in which local winemakers, untill today, continuously making wine.

The plain of Skoteini,perfecture of Arcadia is at an altitude 650m which the visitor will be impressed by the grandeur of the mountains that surround the village & the plain.

The lake of Stymfalia  associated with the sixth labor of Hercules, who in the region faced the Stymphalian Hens.

The picturesque lake of Doxa surrounded with mountains at an altitude 900m.

DSC_2904 DSC_2902

DSC_2905 DSC_2906

DSC_2907 DSC_2908

DSC_2911 DSC_2909

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malevi1 stymfalia_reflections800



Usefull notes

** The difficulty for all the above routes it depends from the weather

** It is also possible for someone to enjoy the 4×4 jeep tours  following our jeep with his own!

** In groups with their own jeeps we do very attractive tour packages!

** All the above routes can be changed + – 10km considering to your preferences

Mountain is on our disposal. The scene is changing. Wild , peaceful , beautiful gorges, unique landscape ,set deep in valley farm houses , join it, picture it!

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