Off road driving lessons-Certificate

You can learn from our experts the secrets of driving in off road trails!

Session 1:

** 2 hours theory lessons which includes:

– Basic & optional equipment
– Weather conditions- Οrientation compass use
– How to use Road Book
– Use of GPS
– Differencial movement

Practice to Karathona beach at a special part of uphills & downhills paths

– Τransverse & diagonal passages
– Side slopes
– Stip uphill & downhill
– Use of Vigi
– Use of capstan
– Τοwing from an other Jeep

Session 2

** Theory  through driving: While you are driving your instructor gives to you instructions.

– You can choose small route or a big one
– You can participate also with your 4X4 Jeep at the practice lesson with discount!
– At the end of the two sessions you will get official Certificate of attendance from the 4X4 Sport Club of Nafplio

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