River trekking in Neda


A few words:

Neda is the river of the Peloponnese at the frontier of Ilia and Messinia. Stems from Mount Lykaion, flows westward and empties into the Ionian Sea, between the shores of Kyparissias and Zacharos. Its length is 32 km. Feature is that it is the one of the rivers in Greece, with the Herceena, having female name.


Starting point: About 7 km away from village Platania

Level: Medium

Distance:  About 5 km

Visit time period: May until August

Hot spots: River trekking, majestic nature, swimming under the waterfalls
Book your seat, ask details via email: info@grecopaths.gr
Included: local, English speaking tour escort, traditional snack, personal insurance, walking poles, backpack (if necessary), photographs from the tour
Νοt included: Transportation depends from where are you staying (for example Messinia or Arglolis prefecture)

Brief description:

The route starts about 7km away from village Platania and from there starts our walk through the river. The major part of the route is to walk through the neda’s river or along it. In Some points the water’s depth is about 2 meters so we have to swim for a few meters. The nature around the gorge is fantastic. Luxuriant vegetation, butterflies, small lakes, perfect reason to take a break for swimming, the sun, are some to enjoy.. After 4 hours walking & swimming we reach to the two majestic neda’s waterfalls.for an other break.. Let’s enjoy together!

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