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Auberginejazz festival – Leonidio Arcadia

Aubergine-jazz festival – Leonidio Arcadia

It will take place in: at 4-7 of July.

Auberginejazz – mediterranean kitchen and music festifal

Through the narrow streets and ornate architecture of Leonidio, music and song, dance, gastronomy, cinema, Tsakonian language, pure tradition and fusion, all together on one Tsakonian carpet.

Tsakonian, is a highly divergent modern variety of Greek, spoken in the Tsakonian region of the Peloponnese in Greece. Tsakonian derives from Doric Greek, which its the only one living  descendant  dialect.While it is conventionally treated as a dialect of Greek,some people treat it as a separate language.Tsakonian dialect is critically endangered, with unfortunatelly only a few hundred & mostly elderly people, to speak fluently the Tsakonian dialect.

Auberginejazz is the kind of jazz music played only Leonidion Arcadia and necessarily accompanied by special delicacies and dishes of real tsakonian aubergine of Leonidio.

Tsakonian aubergine is the famous local product of Leonidio Arcadia. It is the only aubergine with sweet taste. The special characteristics of the local soil and climate of the region are apparently responsible for it.

Leonidio city, with a population of 6.294 emerges from a spectacular landscape, bounded by two abrupt mountainsides enclosing the town from the north and south side. The River Dafnon passes through the town, and its banks are linked with three bridges. The town is capital of the Tsakonia region, notable for its cultural and linguistic particularities, and the itself settlement  offers a striking and picturesque architecture; now is a protected architectural site & there are very strict regulations for building within the town’s limits.

Progamme of the festival :

Flamenco: A flamenco pop project, with melodies of today and choreographies of traditional and modern flamenco.

Oriental & belly dance: Traditional Arab Music of the Middle East and Arabian belly dance.

Percussion: A feast of percussion (and not only) of multi member band, with instruments from all over Mediterranean and world.

Gypsy jazz: Favorite gypsy swing mainly, but also blues, gospel, funk, soul, reggae. Pure but also “processed” melodies and plenty of space for dancing: a swing chorochoros!

Balkan brass: Serbian masters in the Balkan jazz scales and traditional gypsy brass fanfare.

Cypriot sounds: With lute and ardour, new and traditional music from talented young musicians.

DJ set: famous Greek dj and producer in a freestyle set full of energy, swing, latin, soul sounds, funky mood, tweaked cumbia and reggae, hip-hop beats and exotic black rhythms. Advanced music at late hours ..

melitzazz junior: A “mythical” theatrical performance interactivity, dramatic play and more, in an evening dedicated to small melitzazzemenous friends.

Tsakonian corner: Tribute to Tsakonian traditional weaving techniques, exhibition carpet and textiles and weaving demonstration on Tsakonian carpet and rug, along with local food, music, dancing and treats.

Cyprus corner:From the city called Troodos of Cyprus, with dances, songs and lute, with local tastes, products and treats with love. An Cyprus corner:original Cyprus cafe! Spanish corner: Taste, Culture and mini tribute to Spanish cinema.

Arabic corner: Music, shisha (clay), coffee and backgammon Arabia.

Flamenco dance classes and belly dance: Small seminars for beginners and (a little) Advanced festival guests. With certificate / souvenir.

Many more

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