The temple of Ithomata Zeus

thomi: The sacred top of Messinion (recidents of Mesinia)- The temple of Ithomata Zeus


Few words:

The position of the mount Ithomis is in the middle of a large plain, with no great height, 802 meters in elevation gives a superiority, as if it is the highest mountain of the Messinian area. Sacred place since ancient times always offered itself for asylum and stronghold in every difficult moment in the history of the place. In a close distance from the archaeological site of ancient Messini , we follow rural dirt road will lead us to the top of the small mount of Ithome in where we will meet the old monastery of Voulkano which is builded from  the same constructions materials of the ancient temple of God Zeus.
The view from the top is panoramic and just fantastic!
The way back is from the same road and we can visit the new monastery of Voulkanou and also the ancient walls of Messini which are date from 4th

Century BC and they are in excellent condition!


Distance: About 7 km
Level: Medium
Elevation difference: About 320m
Hot spots:
Panoramic view and great aspect of the ancient Messini from 800m altitude, old monastery, route with a great historic past, traditional village.
Extra activities:
Visitation to the monastery of Voulkanou, small walking tour at the walls of ancient Messini, guided tour into the archaeological site of ancient Messini

Book your seat, ask details via email:

Included: local, English speaking tour escort, traditional snack, personal insurance, walking poles, backpack (if necessary), photographs from the tour
Νοt included: Transportation depends from where are you staying (for example Messinia or Arglolis prefecture)
Visit time period: All year

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