Relaxed Walks

Relaxed walks

During your walk,cycle (when we take some break) or at the end of your tour you can enjoy a  massage session in the fresh open sea atmosphere of a beach or at the top of a hill combined with the panoramic view of the Argolic Gulf, the mountains and the Palamidi castle.

Rejuvenate body & soul with grouped  meditation & yoga exercise in nature.

Our team counts an experienced alternative therapist who loves working in natural environment and offers holistic therapies!

If you choose that kind of relax walk it is better to select shorter routes to enjoy the appropriate relaxation after your therapy .

Of course you can have an appointment with our partner masseur to your hotel after your activity.

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** Nafplio-Suburb Pronia-Agia Moni-Karonis distilleries-The Lion of  Bavarian- Nafplio

Starting  point: Nafplio

Distance : 8 km

Level: Easy trek

Ways of crossing : On foot, by bicycle

Main sights: Suburb of Pronia, olive fields, panoramic sea view & mountains view, middle-byzantine age monastery, the Lion of Bavarian, distelleries of Karonis

Brief Description:

• The route starts from the center of the city, we walk through narrow side streets and we arrive to the suburb of Pronia. This suburb occupies the north-eastern slopes of the Palamidi hill, is of special importance because it constitutes the first organized refugee settlement in modern Greece.

Starting in 1822, when Nafplio was liberated from the Turks, a large number of refuges flooded into the city, chiefly from Crete. This created a major housing problem. In 1828, Ioannis Kapodistrias together with the engineer, Stamatis Voulgaris, chose the Pronia area to create a new refuge settlement. It said that Kapodistrias chose the name Pronia, from the greek word pronoo, meaning to provide for, because the settlement provided a solution to the accommodation problem faced by the refugees.

Pronia survives to a certain extend today, with its low buildings and small houses, which were the most characteristic of the Kapodistrian period.

Noteworthy spots are the traditional cafes & the central church of the suburb.

We continue our walking eastern & from here the trail begins a smooth uphill for a few meters & immediately after the road starts to downhill .With a lot of turns, we arrive to the famous local monastery of Agia Moni through olive fields.It is dating at the 12th century  of the Middle Byzantine period .We can see its ancient spring,  goldfishes, remarkable mosaics with frescoes & a great view of Palamidi’s castle & Nafplio city.

When we get some rest to this quite & beautiful place, we return from the same way and there is a possibility to visit Karonis distilleries which is a famous family run business that has been continually operated for the last 140 years.

The famous & traditional products which are made from the Karonis distilleries are: Ouzo, Tsipouro, Masticha & other liqueurs that we have the chance to taste some of them.We have also  the opportunity for a tour from the owners to show us around the distilleries,the procedure of making the drinks, the museum with its old documents & books which they testify it’s age and value of the business at local and global level.

We return back from the same way with a small detour to the famous and an exceptional sculptured monument known as the lion of Bavaria which dates from 1840 & it is one of the most important of 19th century in Greece. The sculpture of this beautiful monument was the German Christian Siegel. This monument was commissioned by Ludwig of Bavaria, father of Otto first king of Greece, in memory of the Bavarian soldiers in Otto’s escort who died during the typhoid epidemic in Nafplio which devastated the area between 1833 & 1834.

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** Tolo – Agios Georgios – Tolo

Starting  point: Tolo

Distance :6 km

Ways of crossing: On foot & by bicycle

Level: Easy trek

Main sights: panoramic view of Αrgolis gulf ,surrounding mountains & villages, traditional chapel

Brief Description:

• This hike explores the mountain above Tolo. During our trek, we will enjoy a panoramic view of the sea, the beautiful island of Spetses, and many surrounding villages and mountains of the Argolis Gulf. At the top of the mountain, we find the little church of Agios Georgios  (Saint George) at approximately 190 meters altitude.There is the perfect place for picnic,relaxation & rest.Half a km down to the dirt & downhill road you can find the Monastery of Metamorfosis Sotiras, which dates back to 14th century AD and next to the monastery you can see the ruins of the Tower of the season.It’s very interesting sight to visit for those who want more walk, more places to remember..

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