** Mycenae-Ancient Heraio

Starting point: Mycenae

Level: Easy

Distance: 6 km one way, 12 km circle route

Hot spots: Hidden Mycenean bridge, base of ancient guard room, walking through olive fields, majestic panoramic view of argolic gulf & of argolic plain, hidden Mycenean vaulted tomb, picturesque small chappels, the sacramental beauty of the archaeological site of ancient Heraio.

Ways of crossing: On foot, by bicycle

Brief Description:

Our route starts before the archaelogical site of Mycenae. The first thing that impress us, is the hidden and forgoten Mycenean bridge into the gorge called Chavos, which is in a very good condition.

Continue on , to the ancient path that appears and disappears, continuously due to our walk lost and found, through the olive and orange fields, agricultural roads and paths.
Suddenly we meet in our path, one strange building.Probably it was a guard room, to keep an eye οn the gοddess Hera while she passed with her carriage, to go to her temple of ancient Heraio
(that is the story we hear from local farmers).

The path has a lot of turns uphills and downhills and on our way we meet a small chappel with nice view for rest and break.
Continue on, the view while we approach the ancient Heraio becomes more and more majestic.You can see and observe everything! The surrounding villages, mountains, Argos and Nafplio cities, the sea..
One more surprise waits Myceanean vaulted tomb, hidden into an olive field..It’s amazing how gracious it is..

The best part is at the end of our tour.  The archaelogical sight of ancient Heraio.

The Heraion of Argos (Greek: Ἡραῖον Ἄργους)  it was part of the greatest sanctuary in the Argolis, dedicated to Hera, whose epithet “Argive Hera” (Ἥρη Ἀργείη Here Argeie) appears in Homer’s works. Hera herself claims to be the protector of Argos in Iliad.The traveller Pausanias, visiting the site in the 2nd century AC, referred to the area as Prosymna (Προσύμνη).
At the Heraion, Agamemnon was chosen to lead the Argives against Troy, according to a legend recorded by Dictys of Crete. Walls and earliest finds at the site date to the Geometric period, during which the Iliad was composed. A Helladic settlement preceded the sanctuary’s development.

We can stop our walking tour to ancient Heraio or going back to Mycenae through agricultural roads making a circle route.

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DSCF2371 DSCF2345

DSCF2265 DSCF2271

DSCF2321 DSCF2325

DSCF2349 DSCF2339

DSCF2393 DSCF2274

** Prosimni-Mycenae

Few words..

Wealth, blood, glory .. 3 words that could describe briefly Mycenae and its past.
The Rich Mycenae are today one of the most important archaeological sites, worldwide.
Thousands roads started from there and ended up to the ends of the world. Two from those roads we choose to pass with the dream to meet the king Agamemnon when he returned winner from the Troy up to his gold carriage..
Let’s meet him..

Starting  point: Mycenae or Prosimni

Distance : 10 km one way

Level: Medium  (one way) Advanced: (double way 20km)

Ways of crossing: Οn foot or by bicycle

Hot spots: Acropolis of Mycenae, walking the same ancient path that the King of Agamemnon walked, Hellenistic tower, Roman baths, vaulted Mycenaean tomb.

Brief  description

This route follows the traces of an ancient road that connected Mycenaean citadel of Mycenae with the basin of the village Prosimni, which passed the shortest route (Kontoporeia) linking Argos with Korinthos.

The route passes from many points of great archaeological interest: Hellenistic tower near Prosimni,Roman baths and a cistern, from a little church with roman mosaics next to the baths, vaulted Mycenaean tomb, ruins of a Mycenaean settlement on the hill called ‘Mastos’ and at the end of our walk the impressive citadel of Mycenae.

The total length of the route is 10.1 km (one way) and the total altitude we walk is no more than 230 meters.
The beginning of the tour can be made ​from the Prosimni, a traditional village on the highest point of a small basin, which is separated from the plain of Argos with the narrow gorge Klisoura.

Crossing only this mythical and historical path, can someone feel its breeze, by following the footsteps of Orestes ..

It is a route with a great historical and archaeological interesting, panoramic view, through olive fields and  hidden ruins.

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dsc_7646 dsc_7672

dscf8067 dscf8086

dscf8092 dscf8161



** The Breasts of Aphrodite-Islet Romvi-Tolo-

Starting point: Tolo

Level: Easy trek

Distance: About 3 km

Hot spots: Combine water sports with walking 2 in 1!,the different view from island to land,amazing view from the top of mound,isolated beach for swimming

Ways of crossing : On foot the path &  by boat crossing the sea or swimming or renting canoe or sea-bicycle (sea distance 1km)

Brief Description:

The route starts from the port of Tolo.We can swim to reach the islet, which is only 0.5 km far away.We have the option to rent a boat or canoe or sea bicycle for those who don’t want to swim and to carry our back packs.When we reach the island we start our walking tour following the obvious path through pine trees which is a dirt and uphill for about  10min.

When we reach the col, we continue with the direction to the top of the first breast of Aphrodite which is the first mound at an altidude 153m. Unfortunately there is no obvious path so we must be careful with the stones and with the thorns.On the top we will be conpensated from the breathtaking view of the argolic gulf.
When we start walking downhill, we can follow an obvious path that will lead us to a beautiful isolated beach, which we can swim and to enjoy the view and the quitness..

The way back, is from the same way.

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dscf8185 dscf8193

dscf8203 dscf8204

dscf8205 dscf8219

dscf8222 dscf8223

dscf8241 dscf8239


** Nafplio-Arvanitia-Karathona’s light house-Nafplio

Starting  point: Nafplio

Distance : 13 km

Level: Medium trek trek

Ways of crossing: Οn foot & by bicycle

Main sights: Acropolis of Αcronafplia , walking across the coast, wonderful sea view & of surrounding mountains

Brief Description:

The route starts from the lighthouse of the picturesque harbor of Nafplio.

We take the paved Arvanitia’s path along the beach, passing beneath the bastion of the ‘Five Brothers’ which located at the end of the town.It is the only bastion that has saved and in one version, it was built the 15th century by the Venetians. Another version says that it was built during the Ottoman occupation. It was used to protect the western part of the city with the castle of Mpourtzi. This name was taken from the  five cannons which are still there. Continue on, in our right side we can see the sea and in the left side the Acronafplia. The Acronafplia was the  Acropolis of Nafplion and the oldest of all the castles of the city. The Turks called Itch-Kale, which means inner fortress. It is a long, narrow rocky peninsula with 85m. height, 400m width and 900m length and enters into the Gulf of Argolis. Continue on our path we pass from the church called Panagitsa, which was the secret school that operated during the Ottoman occupation. In a few minutes we arrive in Arvanitia beach and from there starts 2.5km dirt path to  Karathona beach .On the left side we can see the foothills of Palamidi castle and on the right side the view of the sea and of the highest mountains of the Peloponnese. Mountain Artemision 1771m high, which is natural boundary in two prefectures Argolida, Arkadia, and the mountain Parnonas with an altitude 1940 meters.

After 2.5km the dirt path ends and we arrive at the sandy Karathona beach. We walk another 2.5 km across the beach under the shadows of the eucalyptus trees and we reach at a picturesque church with wooden benches and roof. It is very suitable place to restand to have lunch break with the sea view.

The path continues in a dirt 300m road and arrives in a light house with a  beautiful chapel next to it, with a fantastic sea view.The way back is  from the same path.

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dscf6858 dscf6894

dscf6889 dscf6903

dscf6905 dscf6912


** Argos-Kefalari-Pyramid of Elliniko

Starting point: Argos

Level: Mediumtrek trek

Distance: 16km

Hot spots: Ancient market & theatre of Argos, orange fields, vineyard, cave & spring of Kefalari village, panoramic view of Argolis gulf, the pyramid of Elliniko

Ways of crossing : On foot & by bicycle

Brief Description:

The route starts from the archaeological sites located in the south end of the city of Argos. We pass in front of the archaeological sites of the theater and the ancient market of Argos,following the ring road that will leads us to the modern stadium and to the last houses of the town.Continue on, walking with the direction to Kefalari through provincial roads, we meet the side stream of the water channel and we pass through the tastiest orange groves in Greece. Arriving at the Kefalari village is an ideal place to have a break.
It has a lot of green, and the waters of the hystorical river called Erasinos, make the scenery majestic. Just above the river we can see the church (Zoodohos pigi ) which is built into the cave.

There is also into the cave a spring which continues to flow until today through  the centuries.The elaborately landscaped temple combined with the its surroundings, offers a beautiful panoramic view of Kefalari. We have also the opportunity to visit the local folk art museum of Kefalari.It is very interesting to know the folk culture of the region by studing the old objects, which the people used to use through the time.

The walk comes to the end after following an uphill 2km dirt path, which will leads to one of the most impressive archaeological sites of Argolis, the pyramid of Elliniko. The latest datings,  place it, around 3000 B.C

This tour it is very interesting because it combines major antiquities, countryside, culture and nature.

DSCF2465 DSCF2495

DSCF2513 DSCF2554

DSCF2567 DSCF2582

DSCF2586 DSCF2605

dscf7034 dscf7033

dscf7067 dscf7045

dscf7040 dscf7078

dscf5367 DSCF5352

dscf7054 laiki_agora_panorama

** Tolo-Drepano-Plaka-Ancient Asini-Tolo

Starting  point: Tolo

Distance : 9 km

Level: Medium trektrek

Ways of crossing: On foot & by bicycle

Main sights: Orange fields, ancient mill, ancient acropolis of Asini, walking across the coast.

Brief Description:

• The route starts from Tolo passing briefly on the main road and continues through the orange fields of the area. During the route we will see an old stony mill. Continue on, we pass through the center of Drepano village, until we get to plaka beach and walk along to the coast .While we walk across the coast, we can admire beautiful view of the surrounding mountains, Tolo and to the ancient Assini’s acropolis . When we reach the Acropolis we can walk a little bit to an uphill dirt path, to reach the top of the citadel, where we can admire the panoramic view and to feel the great history of this place.

From the 5th millennium BC up to about 600 the citadel was continuously inhabited and the first citation in Assini, made ​​by Homer (B 560), indicating that the characteristics Assini, Argos, Tiryns, Epidaurus and other cities that participated in the Trojan war with a large number of ships (eighty ships).

It is a nice tour that combines the nature into the countryside, the sea, the antiquities and the view.

DSCF5617 DSCF5664

DSCF5667 DSCF5723

DSCF5744 DSCF6653

DSCF6700 DSCF6675

DSCF6739 DSCF6765

DSCF6778 DSCF6758

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