‘The breast of Aphrodite’-Romvi islet-Tolo-

Starting point: Tolo

Level: Easy trek

Distance: About 3 km

Hot spots: combine water sports with walking 2 in 1!,the different view from island to land,amazing view from the top of mound,isolated beach for swimming

Ways of crossing : On foot the path &  by boat crossing the sea or swimming or renting canoe or sea-bicycle (sea distance 1km)

The route start from the port of Tolo we can swim to reach the islet which is only 0.5 km far away.We have the option to rent a boat or canoe or sea bicycle for those who dont want to swim & to carry our back packs.When we reach the island we start our walking tour following the obvious path through pine trees which is a dirt & uphill for about  10min.When we reach the col we continue with the direction to the top of the first breast of Aphrodite  which is the first mound at an altidude 153m. Unfortunately there is no obvious path so we must be carefull with the stones & with the thorns.On the top we will be compensated from the breathtaking view.When we get some rest & photos from the peak we can start returning back.Reaching downhil the col, we can follow an obvious path which will lead us to a beautiful isolated beach in which we can swim and enjoy the view & the quitness..The return back is from the same way.


DSCF8183 DSCF8184

DSCF8185 DSCF8193

DSCF8203 DSCF8204

DSCF8205 DSCF8222

DSCF8223 DSCF8243

DSCF8243 DSCF8224


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