Advanced routes

Tolo – Drepanon – Kandia – Iria –

Monastery of ‘Egg’- Tolo

Starting  point: Tolo

Distance : 60 km

Level: Advanced  bike bike bike

Main sights: Fish villages, cycling across the beach, ancient Monastery, valley of local agricultural products, gorgeous view at an attitude 300m.

Βrief Description:

The route starts from Tolo, it follows the main road to Drepanon and then continues with the direction to Vivari, which is a picturesque fishing village.

Cycling with the direction to Vivari village we can see  its beautiful lake. Continue on, we take the coastal road to Kadia which is about 2 km an uphill  asphalt road.On the right side of the road, while we cycle uphill we can admire the sea and the majestic view of the surrounding mountains. After while the road starts to downhill until the next fish village that we will  meet, which is Kadia. Cycling approximately 6 more km in a straight surfaced road, we pass the Iria’s fields with its artichokes.

Continues on, the road starts to be uphill slowly until the next last housing estates which we meet. After that we meet the only one  junction which has an archeological sign for the Monastery of  ‘Egg’. We turn on the right cycling about 6 km in a dirt road which goes downhill and uphill  with lots of sharp turns.The scenary changes totaly having in the right side the view to the gorge,in the left side fields with olive trees and straight away the mountain called ‘Egg’ with the monastery hidden into its rocks.
The river which pass the gorge called Rados and it has waters during the spring, automn and winter time.It is the perfect spot close to river bed to take some rest and to enjoy the nature and its streams.
When we refresh our strength, we can start cycling uphill to a dirt road with a lot of turns which the will lead us to the monastery at an altitude of 300m.
The slope reaches appoximately the 30% , so we should be strong and persistent!The view from the top will make us forget out tiredness.We can see the gorge of the Rado’s river,the pine trees forest, the panoramic view of the the argolic gulf and its surroundings.

The way back is from the same path.

This cycling tour can be shorter from the spot you desire to start according your preferences and physical condition.

It is one route for those who love nature and for those who want to see something different in a short distance away from Nafplio.

230 239

240 264

245 249

273 275

μονη αυγου 021 μονη αυγου 025

μονη αυγου 029 μονη αυγου 035


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