** Tolo-Metamorfosi Sotiras-Agia Moni-Tolo

Starting  point: Tolo

Distance : 18 km

Level: Medium trektrek

Ways of crossing : On foot & by bicycle

Main sights: Panoramic view of Argolis gulf, monasteries with historical & archeological interest, orange fields & vineyard.

Brief Description

The route starts  from the circular road of Tolo ,the trail begins a smooth descend passing the last houses on the hill of Tolo.
The view from the top of the hill is astonishing!When the atmosphere is clear we can see even Spetses island!

Continues on, with a path which climbs to the mountain, will lead us to the picturesque church of Saint George at an altitude 190m, which offers also a remarkable view .It is a nice place to take a break and to enjoy the view and the quietness with our snack. Walking downhill  to the dirt path we arrive to the Monastery of Metamorfosis Sotiras which dates back to 14th century AD and next to the monastery, we can find the ruins of a Tower of the season.

Continuing to rural trail  (half dirt road, half asphalt) through the orange trees and vineyards in goes down to this narrow valley and ends at the monastery of Agia Moni .It is a famous local monastery of  the 12th century of the Middle Byzantine period, with ancient spring gushing cool water,  goldfishes, remarkable mosaics with frescoes  and panoramic view of Palamidi’s castle and Nafplio.

We returned by the same road with a small detour to Tolo.
It is a tour that combines panoramic view, nature and archaeological-religious interest and acquaintance with the rural character of the area.

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** Prosymni-Mycenae-Prosymni


Starting  point: Mycenae or Prosymni

Distance : 22 km circular route

Level: Advanced trek trektrek

Ways of crossing: Οn foot or by bicycle

Main sights: Acropolis of Mycenae, walking the same ancient path that the King of Agamemnon walked,Hellenistic tower,Roman baths, picturesque chappel with fountain & plain trees, traditional village of Prosimni.

Brief  description

This route follows the traces of an ancient road that connected Mycenaean citadel of Mycenae with the basin of Prosimni, which it’s passed the shortest route (Kontoporeia) linking Argos with Korinthos.The beginning of the journey can be made ​​from the Prosimni or from Mycenae, a picturesque village on the highest point of a small basin, which is separated from the plain of Argos with the narrow gorge Klisoura.
The route passes from many points of great archaeological interest: Hellenistic tower near Prosimni,Roman baths and a cistern,from a very odd little church next to the baths, vaulted Mycenaean tomb, ruins of a Mycenaean settlement on the hill called ‘Mastos’ and at the end of our walk the citadel of Mycenae. The total length of the route is 22 km (circular route) and it has a lot of altitudinal differences.
Crossing only this mythical and historical path can someone feel it’s breeze, of following the footsteps of Orestes ..

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** Nafplio-Nea Kios-Erasinos River-



Starting point: Nafplio

Level: Advanced trek trek trek

Distance: 21km

Hot spots: Wetland of Nea Kios with wild birds, continuously sea view, the picturesque harbor of Nea Kios, Erasinos River

Ways of crossing : On foot & by bicycle

Brief Description:

The route starts from the port of Nafplio city. We walk along the beach having on our left side the bay of Nafplio and view to the Βourtzi castle. We walk across to the wetland of Nea Kios with beautiful birds providing a pleasant scenery.
If we are lucky, we can see the famous Flamingo!(In some spots which are inaccessible we may need to walk for a while on the main road and then again through the wetland). During to our walk, we can see the kite surfers doing their sport. Continue on, we reach into the picturesque little port of Nea Kios with many fishing boats.

It’s worth to mention that every summer the municipality of N.Kios with the inhabitants of Kios, organize the festival of the sea,which called the celebration of papalina. Papalina is a kind of sardine, with a small size and it is ideal mezes with ouzo. The  Women of N.Kios offer delicious menu with this kind of fish-Papalina- and of course the traditional music and dance are not absent from the festival.

Nea Kios was settled in 1927 by inhabitants of Kios who left Asia Minor during the diaspora. The area was a large swamp and took much time, effort and sacrifice, to become the fertile area and vibrant town which  is right now. The Asia Minor festival is celebrated there every year.

Continue our route we cross the main road and we turn left & follow the dirt road having the river Erasinos in our left side. After about 1 km we will pass through two small bridges where the river divided into two channels. We will walk to the first bridge and we take the dirt road between the two channels, the Erasinos River and it’s tributary called Frixou. Continue on to the path next to the river we take the road , through the orchards of the area with many trees. From there we can see the impressive castle of Argos called Larissa.Continue on, walking through the orchards ,we walk with the direction back to the port of Nea Kios having the river on our right side and making a circular route. During the walk we have the chance to see the fields with olives,oranges, cabbages, leeks, artichokes and other local crops.
It is a nice tour which combines nature,culture and representative aspect of countryside.

img_0697 img_0712

img_0705 nea-kios-kite-boarding

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DSCF7091 DSCF7092

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