Traditional local festival- Neo Roino 16-17/07/13

Traditional local festival- Neo Roino 16-17/07/13

The Neo Roino village is 7 km away from Nafplio is built on a hillside overlooking to Nafplio.The word Roino is come from the word orino which is mean mountain.Its residents are overwhelmingly Arcadians who came from Roino Arcadia and moved in at the beginning of the twentieth century.

The majority of the N. Roino recidents  today are farmers and traders in agricultural products, supplying food cities such as: Athens and major cities nearby Nafplion and Argos. The main products are citrus farming: orange and olive trees.

On 16th & 17th of July each year locals calebrate the feast of Agia Marina accompanied by traditional festival around of the village’s temple. After the ceremony of the church and the food, the fun begins with music from local musicians, till the morning hours.
Locals & visitors will have the opportunity in the central square of the village to enjoy a music and dance show with traditional dances from all over Greece by the Cultural Association “St. Marina”

Every year the festival manages to collect  more than 2,500 people from all over the perfecture!

The village has cafes and taverns, where the visitors can taste traditional delicacies.

There is also a famous monstery 5 km away from the village which is called Karakala-Sent demitrius.The exact date of the founding year of the monastery is unknown, but there is a long description of the property in 1696. From this we conclude that probably should have served several centuries.The role  of the monastery was very important in the siege, and in the years of struggle, it was arsenal of the great local fighters against the Turks.

Nearby activities

We can combine  this festival with pleasure & activities : cycling or walking.We  can walk or cycle to the village & it’s festival and to visit the nearby famous monastery & also we can climb up to the hill of profitis ilias to see the  phenomenal panoramic view.

**More details for the routes around to the village see ”culture & activities”

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