Perfecture of Argolida

Traditional festival at Drepano village: 25/08/13

Drepanon is a beautiful traditional village just 9 km from the center of Nafplio, which combines the lush greenery of mandarins with the blue scenery of Plaka beach.

Every year on August 25, the eve of the feast of the village’s patron Saints: Adrian and Natalia organized ​​the biggest festival at the prefecture of Argolis, with thousands of visitors.


On the occasion to this festival, we can combine the following bicycle tour:

** Drepano-Marathia-mound of Vivari village

Starting  point: Drepano

Distance : About 16 km

Level: Medium  bike bike

Main sights: Panoramic view of argolic gulf & it’s surroundings,vivari’s lake

Brief Description:
Τhe route starts from the village called Drepano, we pass through orange trees and steadily we cycle uphill to mound of Vivari.
We cycle through provincial asphalt roads until we reach the foothills of the mound which from there start an uphill dirt road to the top.The uphill inclination of the road is about 15% with continuously turns until you get to the top!The view is amazing and it will make us forget all our mountaining tiredness.
We return with a small detour to the picturesque lake of Vivari. (more jnfo :

Traditional festival at Karia village: 27/08/13

Karia is one of the most picturesque villages of Argolis. Few kilometers from Argos is the only one village on the massif of the county, which has retained all the traditional features that most rarely found in the villages of our country.

Εvery year on 28th of August celebrate Saint Jonh with traditional festival which is very famous and successful.

Οn the occasion of the fest we propose you, the following nature walking route:

** Xouni-Vrousti-Karya

Starting point: Xouni village

Level: Medium trektrek

Distance: About 16 km

Hot spots:The breathtaking view of Artemisio mountain (1771m altitude) & to the argolic gulf, traditional villages, local historical monastery,experience of celebrating with locals that festival.

Ways of crossing : On foot &  by Mountain Bike, with Jeep 4X4

Brief Description:

Few km away from Nafplio there are some villages which are isolated and unknown from the most of people even from the locals.
There is one nice route which starts from the village called Xouni, at an altitude 150m Our walk starts continuously to an uphill dirt path through olive trees.We pass from an old monastery which is built within rocks and its history goes back to the Turks occupation.It is called Ηoly Jerusalem and it was to be fortress because for its location and also it was used as a refugee.
The highest point we reach, is 600 m and the view form there, is fantastic.We can admire the view of the closest high mountain in the area, called Artemisio (1771m) which is natural border between the prefecture of Argolis and Arcadia, all the mountain range,and the olive fields. After 2.5 hours walking, we reach the first isolated mountain village, which is called Vrousti.You can meet very few residents who are farmers, several traditional houses, the central square of the village and of course οne shepherd who always ask the passers from where are they? 🙂
Continue on, in a downhill path with a lot of turns and with mountain view, we reach to our destination which is a famous traditional village called Karya. It is built on the foothills of Artemisio mountain. It has more permanent residents than the other one we met, with traditional taverns, fountain with cool water, plain trees, walnut trees and majestic scenery.
In this village stops our beautifull walking tour.

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Traditional local festivals at Assini village

The Assini village is 8km away from Nafplio and it has about 1,280 residents. It is situated at the foot of a 300 m high mount which is shaped  like an egg and on it’s top is the chapel of Prophet Elias.Both the mount & the chapel, are lighted at the evening, offering fantastic view.Every year has a lot of local festivals with residents & visitors to celebrate with traditional music plenty of wine & food.

The first festival is to honor the prophet Elias & the same chapel which placed on the top of the Asini’s mount.A lot of people walk to the top of the mound on eve of the fest to attend the church ceremony. It take place every year on the eve of 20th of July.

Νearby activities :

** Asini-Tolo-Metamorfosi Sotiros-Profitis ilias-Asini

Starting point: Asini

Level: Easy trek

Distance: 10 km

Hot spots: The impressive mount of profitis Elias with its breathtaking view, famous local monastery, Mycenaean tombs, experience of celebrating with locals that festival.

Ways of crossing : On foot &  by bicycle

Brief Description:

The route starts from the center of Assini.Continue on with the direction to Tolo we make a short detour to see 3 unexploited Mycenaean tombs.

 We walk up to the Tolo hill, we cross the last houses and in this spot we can admire the panoramic view of the sea and to the nearest islands.

After while we reach the small chapel of Saint George which there we can have a small break enjoying the panoramic view of the sea, the beautiful island of Spetses, and the surrounding villages and mountains of the Argolic Gulf.

Continue on, we heading downhill to the Monastery of Metamorfosis Sotiras  which dates back to 14th century AD and next to the monastery we can find ruins of the Tower of the season.
Walking down to provincial road, through the orange trees and vineyards we enjoy the nature and  the quietness. After while we reach the foothills of the Asini’s mound. We can walk up, and follow a narrow dirty path with a lot of stones,for about 15 min, to see its unique view from the top.Walking down from the mound, we can do a small detour through the fields returning to the village.

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The second festival which celebrates Asini’s village is that one will take place on 6th of August every year.Locals honor the metamorphosis of Holy Savior at one isolated ancient monastery 5km away from the village.We suggest you the following route:



Starting  point: Asini

Distance : 22 km

Level: Advanced  bike bike bike

Hot spots:  Ancient Monastery, gorgeous view in attitude 300m,orange fields,vineyards.

Ways of crossing : by bicycle

Brief Description:

The route starts from Assini, we cycle through provincial road,we pass through orange fields and continue on in our right side we see the mound prophet Ilias.

The road starts to be dirt and uphill and about after 2km with a lot of turns we reach the small picturesque church Saint Marina hidden through the pine trees.The attitude is about 300m with beautiful view to the nearby villages,sea,surrounding mountains.We continue to cycle to an uphil dirt path which is for a several meters rough with a lot of stones. When we reach at the top of the mound the path starts to downhill with a lot of turns.During to our downhill we can admire the panoramic view of Nafplio, Palamidi,argolic gulf,and nearby cities.After about 4 km cycling downhill we meet the village Aria.

The region, possibly because of its water sources, seems to have been inhabited since ancient years. The Mycenaean tombs were found near the source of the Aria village and other traces of Mycenaean structures recently found near the old school, the ancient Greek temple on the ruins of which has been built the Monastery of Agias Monis  and the Roman aqueduct, which supplied with water Nafplio, are evidence, which leaves no doubt that the area of Aria had attracted residents long before the earliest historical reference.

Continue on, we pass through the central square of the village, and we cycle with the direction to the famous local Monastery of Agias Monis  which is dating at the 12th century  of the Middle Byzantine period .We can see its ancient spring,  goldfishes, remarkable mosaics with frescoes  and the great view of Palamidi’s castle and of the Nafplio city.

After that the scenery changed, we continue to cycle through the orange fields and vineyards and we return back to Asini from provincial roads.

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Traditional local festival at Neo Roino village

The Neo Roino village is 7 km away from Nafplio is built on a hillside overlooking to Nafplio.

Every year locals celebrate the name of Sent Marina at 16th of July at their village with roast pork , plenty beers, traditional music & a lot of fun!

Over 2.500 people visit the village in this festival.

Νearby routes :

** Nafplio-Pyrgiotika-Neo Roino-Nafplio

Starting point: Nafplio  or Pyrgiotika (22km) or Tolo (34 km)

Level: Medium bike bike

Distance: 25 km

Hot spots: The mound of prophet Ilias with its breathtaking view, famous local monastery, traditional villages, cycling to the country side, experience of celebrating with locals that festival.

Ways of crossing :  By bicycle, riding with jeep 4×4

Brief Description:

The route starts from Nafplio with the direction to Pirgiotika village.We cycle to the main road about 8km and we arrive to the traditional Pirgiotika village, we can refill our water bottles from its spring.
Through prοvincial roads with a lot of turns uphills and downhills , we arrive at the hill of prophet Ilias (similar to Assini’s mount) with its panoramic view.To its foothills, is built the traditional village which has the same name with it. We can take a break to the top, enjoying the panoramic view at an altitude about 250m.

Continue on a dirt downhill path, we arrive at the monastery of Karakala .The exact date of the founding year of this monastery is unknown, but there is a long description of the property in 1696.
From this we conclude that probably should have served several centuries.The role of the monastery was very important in the siege, and in the years of struggle, it was arsenal of the great local fighters against the Turks.Continue on, after our visit to the monastery after 5 km in a provincial road, through the fields, we arrive at the Neo Roino village, to enjoy the local festival.After the traditional food, music, dance & not so many beers :) we can find the way to return to Nafplio.

Other surrounding routes:

** Pyrgiotika-Neo Roino-Nafplio-Pyrgiotika:22 km
** Tolo-Pyrgiotika-Neo Roino-Nafplio-Tolo: 34 km

** The above routes-activities, is sample, it can be change, according to your preferences & to your physical condition.It can be longer or shorter.It can be through the surrounding mountains, fields or along the coast.Also, those routes, can be held, all year time, regardless the local festivals. You decide, Grecopaths team, organises!


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